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Industry: Health Care

In 2020 Biodesix partnered with Bio-Rad to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, they introduced a highly sensitive rapid turn-around PCR test that detects the presence of COVID-19 in patient samples. During this period, they realized shipping with staple carriers like FedEx or UPS wasn’t going to work for them. "We found that shipping through these carriers would take a whole extra day and add a day to our turnaround on our testing time. So we started looking at couriers." - Tanner Bolch, Manager Of Test Processing.

Industry: Healthcare

Inovatiqa is a global distributor of lab, medical, and dental supplies that serves clients in and around Houston, including the Texas Medical Center. One can only imagine the vast amount of supplies needed for the largest and one of the most highly renowned medical centers in the world. "I prefer the personal, dedicated experience I get from Dropoff."

JoyBox Fine Flowers
Industry: Floral

JoyBox's owner was making deliveries herself rather than creating arrangements and expanding her business. “We wouldn’t have grown to where we are today without Dropoff. Holidays like Valentine’s Day require immense coordination outside of the delivery aspect alone." With Dropoff, she can focus on internal logistics and while knowing that her deliveries are getting to their destinations efficiently and with care.

Rosso & Flynn
Industry: Food & Grocery

Rosso & Flynn uses Dropoff to coordinate all of the logistics around delivering its fresh cuts of meat — from determining the most efficient routing to the number of drivers and vehicles needed. “We used to do all of the deliveries ourselves on Sundays. It was complicated, time-consuming, and a huge burden for us. Dropoff has become a true partner and extension of our business."

Cinch Kit
Industry: Home Improvement

Cinch Kit's cabinet kits are packaged in a series of boxes that make the installation process as efficient as possible. The boxes are heavy, and going through the well-known delivery companies was too costly. The time lost between facilities and trucks also leaves room for items to be displaced or damaged in transit. Time is especially important since apartment complexes often have limited time between occupants to refurbish. “Dropoff gives me peace of mind knowing that our kits will arrive in perfect condition and on-time."

Earth Class Mail
Industry: Business Services

Same-day delivery is extremely important in this unique industry. In being responsible for thousands of businesses’ time-sensitive and important mail, it’s essential to Earth Class Mail to have a reliable logistics partner. "We chose Dropoff because it’s simply smart. The technology allows us to automate deliveries, track them all in real-time, and it saved us a great deal of time."

Unrefined Bakery
Industry: Food & Grocery

With Dropoff’s help, Unrefined Bakery is able to get its products into customers’ hands whenever and wherever they crave it. For many, having a delivery option was a deciding factor in whether or not they would place an order. "We love that Dropoff is simple & easy to use. Since providing the same-day delivery option, we’ve received great feedback from our customers.”

Private Jet Company
Industry: Aviation

An on-demand chartered plane company was frantically searching for a way to get large aircraft parts across the country - and within 24 hours - after a bird strike left an aircraft unsafe to fly. They contacted all of the major shipping players, but none could accommodate the last-minute, challenging request. It’s true that Dropoff doesn’t typically do such long hauls. But when our client needed help, we were willing and able. “Safety is of the utmost importance in our business. Second to that is ensuring our clients get to their destinations on-time. Thanks to Dropoff, we were able to move forward with the flight as scheduled and maintain our completion ratio!”

Mailing & More
Industry: Business Services

With the launch of Dropoff in Las Vegas, Mailing & More can now offer its customers an even faster and more reliable option than ever before - same-day delivery. Mailing & More partnered with Dropoff to close a significant gap in its offerings. Previously, they were limited to offering next-day delivery as the fastest option.

Ally & Ashley
Industry: Retail

Dropoff has helped Ally & Ashley with niche clientele who need their purchase now. "We wouldn’t be able to fulfill that option in any other way, or with such confidence & professionalism, if it weren’t for Dropoff. With Dropoff, I know they’ll receive their order in time and will have a great experience with the brand.”

Avella Specialty Pharmacy
Industry: Health Care

Dropoff delivers patients’ life-saving medications same-day for Avella. All drivers are background-checked and HIPAA compliant so that patients’ confidentiality is always protected. "The courier service we use becomes the face of Avella & represents the commitment we make to patients & providers. Dropoff represents us as we would represent ourselves.”

Silverlake Wine
Industry: Food & Grocery

Silverlake Wine partners with Dropoff to offer their customers convenient and reliable same-day delivery. Whether it’s a single bottle or multiple cases, Dropoff vehicles range in size so that we can always accommodate their requests. "Dropoff is an extension of our business; professional, proactive, and 100% reliable. We have high standards for customer service and Dropoff is the only company of its kind to exceed our expectations.”

Pollen Floral Art
Industry: Retail

Working with the finest quality flowers, Pollen Floral will make your vision come to life. Having completed hundreds of their runs, Dropoff truly feels like an extension of their team. And when we hear the owner say, “I’ve been waiting for a service like this for 13 years and Dropoff has been amazing,” we know we’re doing something right.

Minuteman Press
Industry: Business Services

Minuteman Press understands that when you’re trusting a service with printing your business items, you expect quality results and safe, on-time delivery. Which is why they depend on Dropoff to deliver goods to their customers -- professionally and reliably. “The most important thing in a courier service is the speed of delivery and responsiveness of customer service. Dropoff has both. The online ordering system and tracking capabilities have enabled us to monitor each and every printing delivery."

Whole Foods Catering
Industry: Food & Grocery

Dropoff works with Whole Foods to deliver catering for any occasion. The same customer service you know & love from Whole Foods is carried through from their stores to our pickup & delivery service. “We love working with Dropoff! Their staff is professional and the technology makes it really convenient for both us and our clients. With the volume of catering we do, we're so grateful for our partnership with Dropoff!"

Clearwater Fine Foods
Industry: Food & Grocery

Clearwater is a leading seafood company, providing restaurants with fresh and sustainable shellfish. They use Dropoff to distribute live lobster to restaurants in Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami. “Using Dropoff has significantly simplified our live lobster deliveries. The website makes for easy ordering and real-time tracking. We can count on Dropoff to deliver our boxes to chefs on time and in excellent condition.”

Pei Wei
Industry: Food & Grocery

With the goal of offering customers a way to "eat well, be well and live well," Pei Wei combines flavor with purpose, to provide nourishment as well as bold, craveable food. "We care about the well being of our guests, which is why Pei Wei is evolving with innovative cuisine and modernized services like catering and delivery. Dropoff aligns perfectly with our mission to make eating well, with fresh, nutritious foods, more convenient for our customers."

DFW Placenta
Industry: Health Care

When DFW Placenta launched, the owners had no idea how fast the business would grow. This meant more time picking up and delivering placenta pills, and less focusing on core competencies. Finally, they discovered Dropoff and loved that all of the drivers are background-checked, insured, and HIPAA compliant. “For us, Dropoff just makes sense. There's always a uniformed driver ready to go. Using a courier service also lets us spend more time with our families!”

Jerry Built Burgers
Industry: Food & Grocery

Dropoff delivers Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers catering orders for any event. Whether it's box lunches for a meeting or a burger bar set up for a birthday, Dropoff will deliver the order at any time of day, on weekends, and holidays. "Dropoff has been an instrumental part of executing our catering deliveries." Dropoff drivers are uniquely able to handle large catering orders to meet Jerry Built’s high standards of service since all deliveries are climate controlled and secured.

Platinum Title Partners
Industry: Business Services

We are honored that Platinum Title chose Dropoff as its partner for the pickup and delivery of titles, legal contracts, and insurance paperwork. We take the task of delivering these important documents off their hands. And since we hold our customer service to the same high standards they do, it's a perfect match. "Dropoff delivers exceptional service and performs above my expectations. The customer service you receive is cordial, professional and always friendly. I recommend Dropoff as your courier service."

Elite Medical Lab
Industry: Healthcare

Based in Houston, TX, Elite Medical Lab provides comprehensive testing for patients in several clinics in the area. As their volume for deliveries continues to increase as a result of their growing business, it is critical for Elite Medical Lab to find a professional, same-day medical delivery service they can rely on.