One Partner For Your Same-Day Delivery Needs

Custom Courier Services Built For Your Business

Each industry we serve has unique requirements. That's why Dropoff offers custom logistics to fit the needs of your business. Speak with one of our delivery experts to see how we can make your job easier.

  • HIPAA-compliant & transparent compliance tracking
  • Secure & reliable deliveries
  • Temperature-control for sensitive items
  • Digital chain of custody
  • API integration with your online ordering platform
  • On-demand, same-day courier service
  • Efficient service, scales with your business
  • Superior customer experience, we act as an extension of your brand
  • Customer Service available 24/7/365
  • On-time, every time
  • Cost-effective deliveries
  • Supply chain optimization

Same-Day Delivery Services At Dropoff

At Dropoff, we offer various last-mile, same-day delivery services for businesses of any size and scale. From scheduled delivery to dedicated route delivery, Dropoff handles your logistics operations quickly, reliably, and consistently.


Fixed-Route Delivery Service

Our fixed route delivery services mean your package will be delivered to its destination along a set route. Don't stress about the number of orders you have; we can handle any volume.


Overnight Courier Services

Our overnight courier services guarantee that your urgent shipments will arrive the next day. We have the couriers and technology to meet any logistic need, with our top-rated 24/7 customer service there to assist you every step of the way.


Express Delivery Service

Our express or urgent delivery services make running your business easier. Your package will arrive within hours at your designated time & location.


STAT Delivery Service

We offer STAT delivery services, equipped with our convenient online tracking system. Let us know your delivery pain points, and we will curate the ideal logistics solution for your business.


On-Demand Delivery Service

We offer on-demand delivery services that are designed to fit your busy schedule. Our availability and reliability set us apart from standard courier services.


Long-Haul Delivery Service

We specialize in long-haul delivery services that are ideal for long distances. Whether you're shipping across town or the country, our team of experienced couriers will get your packages where they need to go.


Scheduled Delivery Services

With scheduled delivery, you can manage your orders without stress or hassle. We go the extra mile in getting your packages where they need to go quickly and reliably every time.

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Schedule On-Demand Or Recurring Deliveries

We understand that your business requirements can change not just from day-to-day, but minute-to-minute. You'll need a logistics provider who can adapt. Our easy-to-use portal allows you to schedule pick-ups and deliveries with ease, whether it's on-demand or on a recurring schedule.