One Source

for All of Your Same-Day Logistics Needs


Customized Industry Solutions that Move with Your Business

Each industry we serve has unique requirements. That’s why Dropoff offers custom logistics to fit the particular needs of your business, even as they evolve. We partner with you to tailor a flexible, scalable program based on our proprietary software platform and stay with you every step of the way with unmatched, personalized service.



  • HIPAA-compliant & trackable compliance activities
  • Secure & reliable deliveries
  • Temperature-control for sensitive items
  • Digital chain of custody


  • On-demand, white-glove service
  • API integration with your online ordering platform
  • Reliable & efficient service
  • Superior customer experience as an extension of your brand


  • Responsive service
  • Timely delivery
  • Cost-effective logistics
  • Optimized supply chain and service

Fleet Optimization

Owning and operating a fleet of trucks and managing drivers is expensive, time-consuming and not always reliable. Then there’s the insurance you must carry to cover driver accidents. At Dropoff, our experts take on all of the burdens and provide you with responsive, flexible service so you can focus on your core business.

Build a New Fleet

Build a New Fleet

Our online portal is available from any device and our team is available over the phone, making it convenient to schedule and customize a pick-up from anywhere with accurate ETAs.

Augment Your Fleet

Dropoff is here when you need to expand your logistics capabilities beyond your current capacity. Instead of investing in more equipment and personnel, let us become an extension of your company and help you instantly ramp up your operations to meet the needs of your growing business.

Replace Your Fleet

Offload your fleet to professionals who will represent your company as if it were our own. Dropoff is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to managing your own fleet. We have the people, vehicles, and technology to take care of your logistics needs with top-rated customer service every step of the way.

Form a Seasonal Fleet

Rely on Dropoff to get you through your company’s peak seasons so you can continue to deliver stellar service, even when demand is at its highest. Our experienced, professional drivers and well-maintained fleet are ready to fill in gaps, extend your capacity and provide the service your customers expect.

Replace Your Fleet

On-Demand or Recurring Delivery Schedule

We understand your business requirements can change from day to day, minute by minute and you need a logistics provider who can adapt. Our easy-to-use, intuitive portal enables you to easily schedule pick up and deliveries on-demand or on a regular schedule. With Dropoff, you have peace of mind your items get where they need to be on time and in perfect condition.