Dropoff Client Spotlight: Avella Specialty Pharmacy

Avella Specialty Pharmacy is one of the country’s leading specialty pharmacies, with multiple locations across the country including Austin, Denver, Orlando, Phoenix, Houston, and beyond.

Their mission is to “optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence.” Dropoff helps support Avella of Austin with professional and reliable same-day delivery of patients’ life-saving medications.

When serving health care clients, it is pertinent that patients feel comfortable with the courier who is delivering medication to their home. That’s why all Dropoff drivers wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles. They are background-checked, insured, and HIPAA compliant so that patients’ confidentiality is always protected.

Avella of Austin’s Shipping Clerk, Kirk Hall has this to say about Dropoff, “I can say with confidence our experience with Dropoff has been incredible! The courier service we use becomes the face of our company and represents the level of commitment we make to our patients and providers. With uniformed, professional drivers, clearly marked vehicles, and thorough, efficient service, Dropoff represents Avella as we would represent ourselves.”

What’s more is that Dropoff’s tracking technology allows Avella to see the exact whereabouts of their patients’ medications on a live-map. Upon delivery completion, we send recipient signature verifications for added security. Should any questions or concerns come up, our customer service team is on standby to help see deliveries through.

“The nature of our business and the entities we deal with require extensive, thorough documentation of every stage of our business. Dropoff provides the ability to track our shipments in real time and offers infinite access to signature images and all delivery details, securing our accountability in our local transactions. The level of customer service we receive from Dropoff has been wonderful and they have taken the concern out of my responsibilities for local shipping,” Kirk says.

When you’re dealing with life-saving medications, you want a service you can count on 100%. We take great pride in the level of trust Avella puts in us to deliver medications to their patients. With professional drivers, reliable customer service, and innovative tracking technology, Dropoff delivers more for our pharmacy clients.

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