Dropoff Client Spotlight: Rosso & Flynn Modern Butcher of Austin

When two Austin entrepreneurs who are both passionate about food met a few years ago, they knew they would work well together. They just needed to figure out a plan. Both Manuel Rosso and Lisa Flynn prefer high quality, fresh meats from farms that truly care about the welfare of the animals. The problem was that as they visited grocery stores around Austin, they couldn’t find anyone who was able to provide real details about the meat they were selling.  

And so the idea was born. A year ago, they launched Rosso & Flynn Modern Butcher, the first online butcher shop dedicated to transparency, freshness, and supporting local farmers who are doing things right. They source meat from family-owned ranches and farms in Central Texas that are transparent about their processes, treat their animals humanely, and are eco-conscious.

There was a time when consumers could only purchase meat from a butcher shop. As products became readily available in grocery stores, the practice shifted. It became more convenient to purchase all groceries from one place. Rosso & Flynn aims to bring that practice back to the digital age with a modern twist. Customers simply place orders online by Thursday afternoon, and the cuts are delivered to their homes on Sunday.

So what happens between Thursday and Sunday at Rosso & Flynn? The orders are communicated to ranchers and farmers, who start preparing the fresh cuts of meat. They have a zero-waste agreement, so only exact quantities are prepared. At the same time, the delivery addresses are communicated to Dropoff, who coordinates all of the logistics—from determining the most efficient routing, to the number of drivers and vehicles needed. Dropoff’s team of uniformed, professional drivers pick up the orders from Rosso & Flynn on Sunday morning and store them in cooled containers as they hit the road to get the delicious cuts to their homes.

“We used to do all of the deliveries ourselves on Sundays. It was complicated, time-consuming, and a huge burden for us,” said Manuel Rosso, CEO of Rosso & Flynn Modern Butcher. “Dropoff has become a true partner and extension of our business. They handle the logistics and all of the deliveries so professionally, which allows us to focus on growing our business. We hope to expand outside of Austin with Dropoff as a continued partner.”

Teaming up with a third-party logistics partner that specializes in last mile delivery can alleviate an enormous burden. Businesses can gain access to a large pool of drivers and vehicles without the extra costs, liabilities, and headaches of doing it on their own. And Dropoff has experience delivering for a variety of companies in the food and grocery and retail industries.

We are proud to be Rosso & Flynn’s Austin same-day delivery solution and look forward to expanding with them in additional markets. Contact us today for more information about how Dropoff can help your business.

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