Dropoff Client Spotlight: Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail has revolutionized and automated how businesses manage mail, creating a more efficient back-office and making it easier to collaborate. It previews mail contents online and allows you to decide what you want scanned, shredded, deposited, or forwarded. Businesses use a virtual mailing address provided by Earth Class Mail, and can access all of their mail online.

Same-day delivery is of the utmost importance in this unique industry. In being responsible for handling thousands of businesses’ mail, which is often time-sensitive and important, it’s essential to Earth Class Mail to have a reliable logistics partner. Dropoff helps quickly and securely get packages and mail from their addresses to their processing centers. Time is of the essence here – the sooner the mail gets to the processing centers, the sooner businesses can get their important correspondences.

“We chose to work with Dropoff because it’s simply smart,” said Emma Pollert, Director of Operations, Earth Class Mail. “The technology is integrated into our platform, allowing us to automate deliveries, track them all in real-time, and it has saved us a great deal of time. Partnering with Dropoff is also much less costly and far easier than coordinating our own logistics.”

When you’re processing over 100,000 mail items each month, having a reliable, flexible and professional partner is essential. Instead of paying for a regularly scheduled courier, Earth Class Mail saves time and resources by integrating Dropoff’s API into its system. If they have packages to be picked up from the mailing addresses, the delivery request is automatically sent out with no human involvement. If not, they don’t have to pay for a regularly scheduled courier. It’s really that simple.

To learn more about how Dropoff’s same-day delivery service can help support your goals, check out our Enterprise Solutions page.

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