Dropoff Client Spotlight: Cinch Kit of Houston

Ever thought of remodeling and decided the hassle just wasn’t worth it? George Hagle felt the same way. But after 16 years of experience manufacturing and installing kitchen cabinetry, he knew there had to be a better way. George and his wife Paige founded Cinch Kit in October of 2016, taking a “plug and play” approach to cabinet upgrades.

Cinch Kit is based in Houston, TX, George’s hometown. One of the biggest challenges he faced at the onset was finding a reliable, professional, affordable, and fast Houston courier service — all essential to get Cinch Kit’s cabinet kits to their new homes around town. The kits are packaged at the factory in a series of boxes that make the installation process as efficient as possible. Inevitably, the boxes are heavy, and going through the well-known delivery companies was too costly for Cinch Kit. Not to mention the time lost between facilities and trucks, which also leaves room for items to be displaced or damaged in transit, before they reach their final destinations. Time is especially important in this business since apartment complexes often have a small window of time between occupants to refurbish — every day counts.

George soon discovered Dropoff, who has become an essential partner in delivering Cinch Kits to apartment complexes around the greater Houston area. With Dropoff’s help, Cinch Kit is able to provide clients with real-time tracking information, so they know when to expect the large deliveries, and get the kits scheduled for delivery quickly and efficiently through Dropoff’s user-friendly online and mobile platforms.  

“Dropoff gives me peace of mind knowing that our kits will arrive in perfect condition and on-time. The drivers are extremely professional in handling the heavy kits, and we love that they go straight from the warehouse to their final destinations,” says George. “Dropoff has become an essential part of our business, and our customers appreciate knowing when to expect the kits so they can be prepared upon arrival.”

To learn more about how Dropoff’s same-day delivery service can help support your goals, visit our Enterprise Solutions page.

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