How Dropoff Streamlined Elite Medical Lab’s Medical Deliveries

Based in Houston, TX, Elite Medical Lab provides comprehensive testing for patients in several clinics in the area. As their volume for deliveries continues to increase as a result of their growing business, it is critical for Elite Medical Lab to use a professional, same-day medical delivery service they can rely on.


Houston-based diagnostic laboratory, Elite Medical Lab, performs a wide variety of laboratory services, including medication monitoring, blood wellness, and allergy testing. Serving physicians and their patients for the past three years, Elite Medical Lab has used proprietary testing to provide a comprehensive analysis. They also pride themselves in supporting their community, working to improve the lives of their patients every day.


For Elite Medical Lab, reliability is one of the most important factors when it comes to their medical lab deliveries to its customers. They have a high volume of specimens that are collected from clinics in the Houston area and taken to their lab for testing. Previously, Elite Medical Lab outsourced their medical deliveries to well-known shipping giants but quickly ran into several issues that began to affect patients. They experienced multiple lost shipments and in one case, a specimen delivery was sent to the wrong place. They had no transparency into the whereabouts of their deliveries while they were in transit or contact information of the drivers who were making the deliveries. When these incidents happened, there was no way for Elite Medical Lab to find out what went wrong and quickly resolve the issue, leaving them powerless to meet their client and, ultimately, patient needs.

Elite Medical Lab also faced an increasing demand for their clinical clients to process specimens more quickly and their limited delivery hours were making meeting these quicker turnaround times impossible. Their previous delivery service only operated during the day, causing each specimen delivery to take more than 24-hours to get to and from the lab. In order to speed up their process, they needed to adopt a routing system that would work more efficiently.

It became crucial for Elite Medical Lab to find a trusted logistics partner that could not only help deliver specimens reliably and efficiently but one that would provide full visibility to each delivery. In addition, they needed to gain the trust of their clinical clients by sending out drivers who embodied professionalism on their behalf. With their clinic customers and their patients top of mind, they knew it was time to make a change.


Elite Medical Lab quickly began researching a robust solution that they hoped would provide real-time tracking visibility and professional drivers. And they also needed to devise a more efficient routing schedule to speed up their business operations. They discovered Dropoff.

Dropoff completely rerouted their operations, customizing medical deliveries to the specific needs of Elite Medical Lab and their clinics. Additionally, Dropoff empowered Elite Medical Lab with complete visibility into each and every delivery. They gained access to real-time tracking capabilities and data analytics to minimize the chance of repeating the problems of the past. They were also impressed with the uninformed, customer-friendly drivers and proactive customer service that they gained. As a result, Elite Medical Lab was able to streamline their operations and better meet clinic and patient needs.


Together, Elite Medical Lab and Dropoff were able to improve the entire logistics process more than expected, decreasing turnaround time by 55% from 2.9 days to 1.3 days. 

Additionally, they were able to eliminate lost shipments since partnering with Dropoff. Sara, the Director of Clinical Operations at Elite Medical Lab said, “Dropoff made our deliveries into a seamless operation and I no longer need to worry that the specimens will be left behind, lost or forgotten.”

To top it off, Dropoff is a true partner to Elite Medical Lab, giving them a personalized experience to their specific needs. When they have questions, the Dropoff team is highly responsive with 24-hour access to customer service. They also have a dedicated account manager who monitors their volume and continuously finds areas for improvement.

“The Dropoff team did a phenomenal job personalizing the experience for us with a lot of follow up.”

To learn more about how Dropoff can help your business streamline its medical deliver process, visit our website.

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