Dropoff Client Spotlight: Pei Wei Asian Diner

Whether you’re hosting an office meeting or engagement party, feeding a crowd is easy when Pei Wei Pan-Asian Cuisine is delivered fast, hot and professionally to the door. Pei Wei offers a full menu of wok-seared entrees, salad bowls, rice bowls, noodle bowls and shareables inspired by the traditional cuisine of five Asian cultures. Each made to order dish is customizable to suit individual preferences.

Founded in 2000, the fast casual restaurant chain has several national locations, with predominance in South Florida and Texas, where the Dropoff partnership is in action.

With the motto “Eating well is well being,” Pei Wei combines flavor with purpose, to provide nourishment as well as bold, craveable food. Ingredients are mindfully sourced for their combined nutritious benefits, then handcrafted and freshly prepared to preserve those nutrients.

“We care about the well being of our guests, which is why Pei Wei is evolving with innovative cuisine, updated restaurant decor and modernized services like catering and delivery,” said Miguel Salazar, Market Partner in South Florida.

“Dropoff aligns perfectly with our mission to make eating well, with fresh, nutritious foods, more convenient for our customers.”

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