STAT Delivery Service

We offer STAT delivery services, equipped with our convenient online tracking system. Let us know your delivery pain points, and we will curate the ideal logistics solution for your business.


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What Is STAT Delivery?


STAT delivery allows customers, especially patients, to receive their items as quickly as possible, making it ideal for time-sensitive medications and medical specimens.


We've made scheduling a delivery easy with our online portal, available from any device at any time, with to-the-minute delivery times.

  • Same-day delivery
  • API Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking

Benefits of STAT Delivery

Good experience
Better Patient Care

Patients who need immediate treatment don't need to wait days or weeks for medical supplies as they will receive their deliveries as soon as possible.
Excellent Specimen Handling

Our STAT couriers are experts at specimen handling, removing risk of damage or package loss during transit.
Timely Service

Due to the high priority level of STAT deliveries, you can get your package delivered in as little as one hour.
More Flexible

There is more freedom when choosing the specific time you want your package delivered.

Why Partner With Dropoff For Fixed Route Delivery?


24/7/365 Customer Service

Our customer service team is available 24/7, so we're always there when you need us. Whether you need help navigating Dropoff's services or just have a quick question, a Dropoff expert is just a call or click away.


Nationwide Coverage

We are growing rapidly with more than 50 markets nationwide. In addition to our current coverage, we are also known for our ability to launch new markets in less than 30 days.


Real-Time Tracking Software

Follow your deliveries in real-time from pick-up to drop-off on a live map. Our trackable digital chain of custody gives you peace of mind, offering instant delivery confirmations. Plus, our couriers will verify package delivery via photo, signature, email, text, or any courier action you prefer.

Get Your Package Delivered STAT

Got More Questions?

Items delivered to and from medical facilities are often time-sensitive. Delays will impact patient care, so it is vital to partner with a courier service that is reliable and fast.

Within the Dropoff portal, our customers can track their deliveries in real-time and verify Proof of Delivery confirmations upon delivery. As far as our STAT medical delivery tracking capabilities go, our customers have access to patients' names with the associated deliveries.

Scheduling a delivery is simple:

  1. Log into your Dropoff account to view the Order page.
  2. Add your order details.
  3. Review your order and click the "SUBMIT ORDER" button.

Yes. If you have specific requirements for your items, you can include them when you place your order. We offer temperature control for sensitive items, such as pharma products, laboratory specimens, foods and beverages, and botanicals.

We thoroughly screen all drivers with the most exhaustive federal and local criminal background checks and DMV driving history reports. Only those that pass our stringent criteria become drivers, and we evaluate their performance using objective data.


In addition, our drivers are HIPAA-compliant, carry four levels of insurance for added protection, wear Dropoff uniforms, and drive Dropoff-branded vehicles.

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