Dropoff Client Spotlight: A Private Jet Company from New Jersey

Dropoff recently made its longest-ever delivery, transporting crucial aircraft parts more than 1,500 miles from Dallas, TX to Teterboro, NJ. It’s true that Dropoff doesn’t typically do such long hauls. But when our client needed help, we were willing and able. Here’s how it all went down:

Our new client, an on-demand chartered plane company, was frantically searching for a way to transport large aircraft parts across the country — and within 24 hours. After a bird strike rendered one of their aircrafts unsafe to fly, they needed a solution to get the replacement parts — and fast. They had a flight scheduled to leave at 5 PM ET the following day from where the aircraft was located in New Jersey, and the new parts were in Texas. They contacted all of the major shipping players, but none could accommodate the last-minute, challenging request.

Enter Dropoff. It was a team effort, with members of our Sales team, Dispatch — and a couple of rockstar drivers — coming together to find a way to make the delivery happen. Right away, two drivers picked up the parts in Dallas, TX, and at 4:37 the following day, they delivered the new nose and wheels – 20 minutes early!

“Safety is of the utmost importance in our business. Second to that is ensuring our clients get to their destinations on-time,” said the company’s Director of Business and Team Development. “Thanks to Dropoff, we were able to move forward with the flight as scheduled and maintain our completion ratio. We will definitely use Dropoff again!”

After successfully delivering the parts to New Jersey, the company hired us for return delivery to Dallas, and we earned their trust for future deliveries.

In the Aviation industry, parts are often needed at short notice and in very short time frames. It’s critical for ensuring flights can take-off and land safely, and remain as close to their scheduled departure and landing times as possible. The implications of delayed deliveries are profound.

We’re proud to have been able to get this crucial part delivered in time. To learn more about how Dropoff’s same-day delivery service can help support your goals, check out our Enterprise Solutions page.

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