Dropoff Client Spotlight: JoyBox Fine Flowers of Houston

Have you ever met a dentist turned floral design artist? We hadn’t, until we were introduced to Layla Asgari, founder of JoyBox Fine Flowers. What started out as a hobby for Layla bloomed into a side job, and is now her full-time gig. Her artistic background brings JoyBox’s colorful arrangements to life in a unique twist on the traditional flower vase.

One of the biggest challenges she faced at the onset was how to deliver the high-end floral boxes. Layla started making deliveries herself, but often lost valuable time sitting in traffic rather than in her studio creating arrangements and establishing herself in the Houston market. It aligned better with her brand to outsource deliveries to a professional and reliable partner. After doing some research on local Houston couriers, she decided to give it a go with Dropoff. The upfront pricing and user-friendly technology-based service seemed like the best fit for JoyBox — and Layla’s busy life as a new small business owner.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day pose enormous challenges for those in the floral industry, including keeping up with the high volume of orders and getting them out the door in a small window of time. Not to mention the number of last-minute orders businesses get these days. The Society of American Florists reported 38% of 2017 Valentine’s Day orders came in the day-of, while only 13% did in 2016. Planning delivery routes becomes far more complex with the rise in last-minute orders.

“We wouldn’t have grown to where we are today without Dropoff,” said Layla. “Holidays like Valentine’s Day require immense coordination outside of the delivery aspect alone. Using a service like this allows us to focus on the internal logistics, and we can rest easy knowing all of our deliveries are getting to their destinations efficiently and with care.” She added that the same-day delivery aspect is a huge hit and sets JoyBox apart from others. With the rise in same-day requests, being able to fulfill those orders and track them all on a mobile app is immensely helpful, especially since she, like many other small business owners, runs her business from her phone.   

Teaming up with a third-party logistics partner that specializes in last mile delivery can alleviate an enormous burden. Businesses can gain access to a large pool of drivers and vehicles without the extra costs, liabilities and headaches of doing it on their own. Contact us today for more information about how Dropoff can help your business.

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