Dropoff Client Spotlight: Unrefined Bakery of Dallas

As its name implies, Unrefined Bakery has taken allergen-free baking to a whole new level. For seven years, the mother-daughter duo has baked delicious treats that aren’t found at your traditional bakeries, catering specifically to those who have food allergies or simply want to eat delicious, high-quality, and healthy baked goods. With six locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area now, it’s safe to say Unrefined Bakery has cooked up a recipe for success.

With Dropoff’s help, Unrefined Bakery is now able to get its products into customers’ hands whenever and wherever they crave it. For many of their customers, having a delivery option was a deciding factor in whether they would place an order or not. Now, for those looking to satisfy their cravings, the company’s partnership with Dropoff’s same-day delivery service takes away the worry of having to fit a pickup into their busy schedules.

“We love that Dropoff is simple and easy to use. Since announcing the same-day delivery option, we’ve received great feedback from our customers who are planning parties, office events, or simply craving a sweet treat,” said Anne &  Taylor, Co-Founders, Unrefined Bakery. “They love the convenience, and we love partnering with a reliable service like Dropoff to represent our brand.”

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Unrefined Bakery has seen an increase in orders since making the delivery option available, and expects even higher volume as the holiday season approaches.

Dropoff has experience delivering for a variety of companies in the retail and food and grocery industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be your reliable and professional same-day delivery service.

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