The Future is Same-Day Delivery

As we start gearing up for the holiday season, it’s important to understand what consumers expect from their retailers. Management consultants at Mckinsey & Company say that by 2025, the U.S. “parcel market” will have doubled, with same-day delivery accounting for a fifth of the growth.

A recent article by Logistics Management explains:

“As the trend toward buying goods online increases, so too does the desire to receive the ordered products as soon as possible. The market for same-day and instant delivery will account for around 20 percent of standard parcel revenue by 2025.

McKinsey expects average year-on-year growth of around 40 percent until 2025.

Driven by e-commerce, the parcel segment in mature markets like the U.S. or Germany is growing by seven to ten percent annually. By 2025, this volume is expected to double in the U.S. – with around 25 billion parcels being sent each year.”

In the same article, McKinsey Senior Partner, Jurgen Schroeder says that Millennials are dominating the movement towards same-day delivery.

“Fast delivery is being requested more and more. Customers below the age of 35 are particularly keen to see faster deliveries.”

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