What Is Expedited Shipping and Why Do Customers Want It?

What is expedited shipping and why do customers want it?

When it comes to shipping, customers want two things: speed and reliability. That’s why expedited shipping is so popular – it delivers on both fronts. This blog post will discuss expedited shipping, why customers want it, and how you can offer it in your business.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a way to get your freight to its destination faster than regular shipping. Expedited shipments go directly from where they are picked up to where they are delivered. This is done to save time.

How Expedited Shipping Is Different from Other Shipping Types

How is expedited shipping different from other shipping methods.

Here are the different types of shipping compared to expedited shipping:

1. Expedited Vs. Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is the most common way to send things. It doesn’t mean it will be shipped quickly, and it might not be overnight shipping.

What is the difference between expedited and standard shipping?

The main difference between standard shipping and expedited shipping is the delivery time. Standard usually takes two to eight days, while expedited usually takes one day. This is because products shipped using expedited shipping are sent through air couriers.

If you need to send something quickly, you can use expedited shipping. This will make sure that your package arrives on the same day. If you have more time, standard shipping is a better option.

Standard is also cheaper than expedited. It uses road couriers, which are slower but cheaper than air. You need to choose a shipping approach based on the delivery timelines.

As for waiting times, standard delivery usually takes 2-8 days to leave the warehouse. On the other hand, expedited shipping takes 1-3 days to leave the warehouse.

2. Expedited Vs. Express Shipping

Today, express shipping has a wide range of meanings and is sometimes used interchangeably with expedited shipping. Express delivery is generally faster when both express and expedited shipping choices are available, implying 2-day or next-day delivery, or even same-day delivery, while expedited simply means “faster than normal.”

3. Expedited Vs. Priority Shipping

Though these terms are also often used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two. Expedited shipping typically refers to express methods like overnight or 2-day delivery.

Priority shipping, on the other hand, generally applies to standard shipping methods that have been given priority handling by the carrier. As a result, parcels sent via priority shipping will usually arrive sooner than those shipped via standard shipping. However, they may not come as quickly as those sent via expedited shipping.

When choosing a shipping method, customers should consider both the speed of delivery and the cost. For urgently needed items, expedited shipping may be worth the extra cost. However, priority shipping may be a more economical option for less time-sensitive items.

4. Expedited Vs. Regular Shipping

Regular shipping actually also refers to standard shipping. Orders usually aren’t sent overnight and don’t have any special provisions to be delivered quickly. It is done using slower methods such as sea freight, less expensive than expedited shipping.

With expedited shipping, the order is usually sent by air or a particular truck that delivers packages quickly. If you need something urgently, most courier services can have it within 24 to 48 hours. On the other hand, regular shipping usually takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on how far apart the origin and destination are.

Regular shipping can be done with multiple methods, like using a mix of air, road, and sea freight. Expedited shipping means that your package is sent using a direct air or road solution, depending on the size and weight of the package.

You can feel better about your order by seeing where it is and what it is doing in real-time. With expedited shipping, you can track the order. Still, with regular shipping, you usually only find where the order is when it arrives at a particular destination.

5. Expedited Vs. Economy Shipping

Economy shipping is cheaper, but it takes longer to reach the destination. Expedited shipping is more expensive, but it arrives much faster. This is ideal for time-sensitive packages. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, depending on the retailer’s priorities and needs.

Moreover, while we are on the topic of differences, check out our blog post on the difference between shipping and delivery.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Expedited Shipping to Customers

Business owner checking off a list as Dropoff couriers pull out of the parking lot.

By offering expedited shipping to your customers, you can provide them with a level of service that will set you apart from your competitors.

Here are 6 reasons you should offer expedited shipping to your customers:

1. Ship perishable goods

Expedited shipping allows businesses to make sure perishable goods arrive at their final destination while still in good condition. Many perishable goods, like frozen food, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and dairy products, may expire. At the same time, in transit, if a company uses traditional shipping methods.

Further, expedited shipping can help companies increase their customer base by allowing them to sell perishable products. This type of shipping also helps businesses send products to distributors in other countries.

2. Ship confidential documents

Government institutions can use expedited shipping to send important documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, car registrations, and voting ballots. These documents often get used immediately because people need them for traveling or voting.

For example, someone might get their passport in the mail and then use it to travel outside the country. If ballots need to be counted, they must arrive on time. This is why they need to reach the tallying vote facility quickly.

3. Maintain a steady inventory

Expedited shipping can help businesses save money on their inventory costs. By expedited shipping, businesses can reduce the number of products they store. This will help them save money on their inventory costs.

4. Reduce touch points

Touch points are when people touch or move objects. This can increase the chances of damage during transport. Expedited shipping means that packages will go to fewer places on their way to their destination, which reduces the number of times people touch or move them.

For example, a company may use expedited shipping to ensure that only one or two shipment centers handle the package. This increases the chance that the item arrives at its destination intact.

5. Enhance tracking performance

Many expedited shipping services offer their customers the ability to track their shipments. This includes following the current location of a shipment in transit, as well as information about arrivals and departures from shipment centers and approximate arrival times.

Many customers like to be able to track their essential shipments. This way, they can plan when they will be available to pick them up when they arrive. This is why businesses may want to offer expedited shipping as an option for their customers. Offering this service may help businesses increase their revenue and gain loyal customers.

Further, implementing a solid delivery tracking system is one of the many ways to optimize your entire logistics operation.

6. Improve customer service

Expedited shipping can help improve your customer service experience by decreasing how long packages take to their destination. Plus, customers can see what is happening with their package at every step. If your company uses expedited shipping, customers can contact customer service if they have any questions.

This can help businesses learn what customers expect when shipping something. This can help businesses increase customer satisfaction.

3 Most Effective Strategies When Offering Expedited Shipping In Your Business

Dropoff couriers helping a business owner with their delivery plan

Here are the three most effective strategies for making expedited shipping work for everyone:

1. Decide on a minimum spending threshold

If you want to use free expedited shipping as a marketing point, setting a minimum spending threshold can help manage the additional costs.

To figure out how much you should spend to offer free expedited shipping, you need to consider the types of products you sell and where they are shipped. You’ll typically want to offer free expedited shipping for customers who order more than what your average customer spends.

For example, suppose your average order is $50. In that case, you should set your minimum spending threshold for free expedited shipping to be more than that, like $75 or $100. This way, customers who want expedited shipping will add more products to their cart and increase their profit.

Minimum spending thresholds can help store owners increase their average order value. This means that their stores become even more successful.

2. Outsource fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider

Expedited orders can be a lot of work for online businesses. This is especially true for smaller companies that don’t have as much manpower or resources. Online stores can outsource fulfillment to a third-party logistics company like Dropoff to make expedited shipping more effective.

Outsourcing work can help your business grow by saving money and getting discounts on services. To increase your business, you should consider outsourcing some of your work.

A third-party logistics provider can help ship products to your customers more quickly. This way, they are likely to receive their order sooner. Third-party fulfillment services can also connect with eCommerce store platforms to simplify the ordering process. This will also make the delivery process more streamlined.

Nonetheless, learn how to optimize your logistics operations internally using our guide on managing logistics successfully.

3. Ship items from multiple fulfillment centers

Using several strategically placed fulfillment centers, you can save money on shipping costs and shipping times. If you have your products spread out around the country, it will be easier for customers to get them more efficiently and affordably.

For example, if all of your products are stored in California, but many of your orders come from the East Coast. Shipping costs and times will always be higher. If you want to sell products, having a fulfillment center on the East Coast would be helpful. This way, shipping would be more efficient and affordable for customers.

Often, people abandon their carts when they see the cost of shipping. If you need to send something quickly, using multiple fulfillment centers can help.

This way, you can use a variety of ground shipping methods which will help keep your shipping costs low. And your customers will appreciate that you’re trying to get their order to them as soon as possible.

Interested in the different shipping and delivery options you can launch in your business? Learn more about on-demand delivery services!

How Much Does Expedited Shipping Cost?

How much does expedited shipping cost?

One of the biggest concerns people have when they use expedited shipping is how much it will cost them. People want to know what they will have to pay to get their packages delivered faster.

It is hard to say precisely how much it would cost to mail a package because many things can affect the price, such as the carrier used, the weight of the box, and where it needs to go. Additionally, some carriers offer Sunday delivery for an additional cost.

Here are a few expedited shipping cost examples from different carriers:

1. USPS Priority Mail Express

  • Minimum Cost: $26.35 (Post Office) / $22.75 (Commercial Base/Plus)
  • Maximum Package Weight: 70 lbs.

2. Dropoff

  • Minimum Cost: $21.99 (1 lb. package) / $29.69 (150 lb. package)
  • Maximum Package Weight: 1,500 lbs.

3. UPS 2nd Day Air

  • Minimum Cost: $19.30 (1 lb. package) / $219.00 (150 lb. package)
  • Maximum Package Weight: 150 lbs. (heavier packages can be shipped using a multiplicative cost based on shipping distance)

4. FedEx 2Day

  • Minimum Cost: $19.11 (1 lb. package) / $219.00 (150 lb. package)
  • Maximum Package Weight: 150 lbs.

Bottom Line

So what is expedited shipping, and why do customers want it? Simply put, expedited shipping is a service that gets your package to its destination faster than the standard delivery time. Customers like it because they need their items or are in a hurry as soon as possible.

If you can offer this service, you’ll be more likely to please your customers and drive sales. That’s where Dropoff comes in – we offer same-day delivery and next-day delivery for businesses of all sizes.

Talk with a Dropoff expert today to see how we can help get your packages delivered quickly and securely.

FAQs on Expedited Shipping

1. What does expedited shipping mean?

Expedited shipping is a shipping service that delivers goods faster than regular shipping. Overnight shipping, express shipping, and 2-day shipping are all expedited shipping. The purpose of expedited shipping is to get packages to recipients faster for a greater fee.

2. What is domestic expedited shipping?

Domestic expedited shipping is a term used to describe the process of shipping goods within the same country. This type of shipping is typically used for items that are time-sensitive or need to be delivered urgently.

When choosing this service, it is essential to consider the speed of delivery, the price, and the size and weight limits of the service. Most companies offer multiple service levels, so you can choose the best option that best meets your needs.

3. What is international expedited shipping?

International expedited shipping is the best way to send your items internationally if you need them to arrive quickly and efficiently. When you use this type of shipping, you can be sure that your items will arrive on time and in the condition you expect them to be in. This is because the process is more streamlined and efficient, which helps avoid delays or problems.

International expedited shipping can also save you money in the long run, as it is often cheaper than traditional methods such as ground shipping.

4. What is the difference between standard shipping and expedited shipping?

The main difference between standard and expedited shipping is the delivery time. Standard shipping usually takes two to eight days, while expedited shipping usually takes one day. It is also cheaper than express shipping. It uses road couriers, which are slower but cheaper than air.

The shipping cost is usually included in the price of the product. Still, for standard shipping, the customer can receive free shipping. Customers can choose between the two, depending on how urgently they need their order.

5. What is expedited parcel shipping?

When you need to send a package quickly, you may want to consider using expedited parcel shipping. This is often used for time-sensitive items that need to be delivered on a specific date.

When you use this type of shipping, your package will be shipped via air instead of ground transport. This means that it will arrive at its destination more quickly.

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