UK Study Shows Consumers Switch Retailers Due to Slow Delivery

New research from “across the pond” found that not only are UK consumers spending less online than they would if they had same-day delivery as an option at checkout, but that 1 in 3 choose retailers that offer same-day delivery over those that don’t. Moreover, nearly 80% of respondents would switch from a retailer that didn’t offer their preferred delivery method.

“One in three consumers choose a high street retailer that offers same-day delivery over one that doesn’t. And almost eight in ten would switch from retailer if it didn’t offer their preferred delivery method. ‘The findings highlight a growing need to address convenience in the last mile of the customer journey: delivery’, David Saenz, managing director UK at Stuart (an EU-based same-day delivery provider), said.

The report also shows that almost two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay a premium to get their goods delivered the same day they ordered them. This offers a potential extra 110 million euros in revenue from deliveries alone.”

These findings are in line with the consumer study we released in February 2018, which showed that 53% of consumers reported that they have decided not to purchase from a retailer due to slow delivery speed. Read the full UK story here.

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