How to Tackle Last Mile Logistics

If you read tech news, you’ve surely read the term “last mile logistics.” What exactly is the last mile – and why should retailers care? The last mile is a phrase used to describe the movement of items from a fulfillment center or warehouse to their final destination. The last mile is the final journey of your product to your customer’s office or home.

In recent years, the e-commerce environment has changed. With the rise of digital downloads and streaming music, the internet has conditioned customers for instant gratification. They want it, and they want it now.  And that holds true for consumers of physical goods. But providing your customers with a same-day delivery option doesn’t come without its difficulties.

The last mile of a delivery is the most expensive and poses the most challenges. Some retailers rely on the well-known large parcel delivery companies such as FedEx. But same-day delivery isn’t FedEx’s bread-and-butter. They’re not able to offer the level of flexibility that most businesses need, and that customers require. Other retailers turn to traditional courier companies, but then find that those companies may not be reliable and don’t properly represent their brand. Some retailers decide to hire their own delivery fleet. But purchasing and maintaining an in-house fleet is a costly and risky endeavor, and gauging the amount of drivers you need during busy versus slow hours is tough. Too few drivers and you risk deliveries arriving late. Too many drivers and you’re paying for unused time. The good news is, there’s a solution.  

Read our full article on why the last mile is important and how Dropoff can help you tackle it.  

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