Consumers Want Professional, Reliable Same-Day Delivery

We’re at Shoptalk this week and thrilled to announce our findings of a consumer survey we conducted about shopping and delivery expectations.

Retailers have increasingly looked to the sharing economy for the promise of speed to meet customer expectations and solve their last-mile delivery challenges. And for good reason – data from our most recent national survey (from February 2018) shows that after receiving same-day delivery, 74% of consumers said they were more likely to purchase from that retailer again. But unfortunately, that need for speed has meant many retailers are sacrificing reliability and professionalism.  In fact, our survey shows that 37% of consumers don’t trust crowdsourced, peer-to-peer services to deliver packages from merchants or vendors. 70% of those surveyed have had their deliveries arrive late and 42% have experienced a damaged delivery. Most notable 72%, up from 52% in 2016, want a more professional delivery person. Also, a majority of respondents said if a retailer’s delivery person was unprofessional they would not shop with that merchant again.

Retailers should expect delivery partners to act as extensions of their business and reflect their values from customer purchase all the way through delivery. We’re proud to say that with our  professional, trusted delivery drivers, 24/7 customer support and technology-backed last-mile solution, we’ve created a same-day delivery solution both retailers and customers can rely on.

Here’s what Susan Sarich, founder of Susie Cakes has to say about our service: “Our customers rely on us to be there for the moments that matter and we needed a logistics partner we could count on. We first turned to peer-to-peer services for our deliveries, but were unhappy with the level of service and how our customers were treated. Since switching to Dropoff, we’ve happily discovered they’re more than just a same-day delivery solution. Now we can get our customers their orders quickly, have trusted professional drivers representing our brand, and have been able to expand our business to boot.”

Along with these survey results, today we announced a first-of-its-kind product, Dropoff Tracker, to make managing same-day delivery even more transparent and easy for our enterprise customers. Clients can now view and track all their same-day deliveries and the delivery drivers assigned to them simultaneously across multiple locations. Viewable at the corporate headquarter, regional, or store-specific level, Dropoff Tracker gives clients real-time visibility into the status of every shipment.

Eliminating the need to track deliveries individually, our new product gives these clients access to all of their Dropoffs, with all of the information available in one centralized and dynamic map. Account settings allow clients to clearly identify where their delivery volume is coming from on a given day, in store, online, from one city, region or across the entire country.  

Read the full press release here.

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Enhance The Customer Experience With Same-Day Delivery Services!