Dropoff, Inc Acquires Rightaway Delivery, Inc. After 23 Years of Success in Michigan

Dropoff acquires rightaway delivery as it expands deeper into the midwest

Dropoff expands footprint across the U.S.

Dropoff, Inc is pleased to announce that it has officially acquired Rightaway Delivery, Inc. An essential part of the company’s growth strategy is to provide new and existing customers with coverage nationwide and an enterprise-level solution. Through its acquisition of Rightaway, Dropoff’s service footprint now extends deeper into the Midwest. Rightaway Delivery was founded in 1999 by industry veteran Benjamin Kaplan, to provide healthcare businesses in Michigan with the best delivery experience possible. Over the last 23 years, Rightaway Delivery has grown to service cities across Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

In January 2022, the Rightaway team finalized a transaction to sell the company and its assets to Dropoff, Inc., an Austin, TX-based national firm and one of the leaders in the same-day delivery industry. After tremendous growth in 2021, Dropoff now operates in 53 markets across 20 states.

Benjamin Kaplan, the former Rightaway CEO, will be joining Dropoff as Director of Strategic Accounts to ensure a smooth transition. When asked why he believed selling to Dropoff was the right choice, Kaplan had this to say,

“When the Dropoff team flew me to Austin, the first thing that impressed me was the people. Not only were they friendly but they had the same energy & focus on the healthcare industry that Rightaway did just at a national level.”

Benjamin Kaplan – CEO, Rightaway Delivery

This acquisition continues Dropoff’s expansion, as it provides access to more customers in the midwest, and will enable rapid expansion in servicing a wide range of customers in the surrounding areas. In addition, Rightaway Delivery was already working with an impressive list of customers that Dropoff can now provide service at a national level. Dropoff founder/CEO, Sean Spector, added,

“As we learned more about Rightaway’s history in MI, we realized the opportunity and synergy between the two companies was quite strong.”

Sean Spector – CEO, Dropoff
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