Exciting things are happening in the same-day delivery space. In a recent McKinsey & Company survey of 4,700 respondents, they found that nearly 25% of consumers would pay a premium for same-day delivery. They added, “this share is likely to increase, given that younger consumers are more inclined to choose same-day and instant delivery over regular delivery.”

It’s no wonder that the on-demand delivery space is seeing its fair share of activity, since more and more merchants are looking for ways to compete with huge retailers like Amazon. With so many delivery provider options, the challenge is in choosing the right partner for your business’ and your customers’ delivery needs.

Crunchbase writer, Mary Ann Azevedo, recently caught up with our CEO, Sean Spector and Dropoff Investor, Jim Douglass of Fulcrum Equity Partners to discuss how Dropoff is taking on last mile delivery from a different – and exciting – angle.

Sean told Azevedo “A whole new wave of industries and verticals are starting to use same-day that never before have. Traditional retail and the grocery industry are massive industries that are working to stay competitive with Amazon and increase customer satisfaction by trying to figure out a same-day delivery solution to offer their customers.”

And Dropoff is here to help.

In the article, Douglass says, “Dropoff is able to help retailers that are trying to meet omnichannel demand with inventory in local markets. They are approaching it from a branded local courier via national platform approach. There’s a lot of market out there that’s today being served by a lot of local and unsophisticated couriers. That’s where the need from Dropoff comes in.”

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