Same-Day Delivery in Dallas: A Day in the Life of Dropoff

For Dropoff Dallas, the day is full of surprises and deliveries tend to vary across the board. First thing in the morning, our DFW General Manager, Matthew Christensen, is busy scheduling drivers for early morning runs, which can include everything from medical infusions to contracts to floral arrangements and beyond.

“In DFW, we serve all types of business and people, and that’s what makes the day exciting. Whether I’m meeting with our long time clients or onboarding brand new customers, one of my favorite parts of the job is interacting with the businesses we serve.”

The hustle and bustle of Dallas same-day delivery come with its own, unique set of obstacles, but our team is always ready to take on a challenge.

“We’re always working to better optimize our routing and dispatch. In Dallas, it’s almost impossible to get around without using a toll road, so we try to avoid them when we can to keep costs down and still deliver on time. Operating at maximum efficiency means drivers are paid well, deliveries are completed on time, and the businesses we serve are happy — and that is when I am most fulfilled.”

By afternoon, our Dallas team is busy with meal kit and medical deliveries. Since many of our deliveries are for special events or are time-sensitive, Matthew always hires drivers with prior customer service experience. Whether they are delivering catering for an important client meeting, a floral arrangement to a bride on her special day, or medical infusions to a patient in need, our drivers always go above and beyond for our clients.

Matthew’s favorite part of the job is simply knowing that we were chosen from all the other Dallas courier services to represent our client’s business.

Our client, DFW Placenta, says, “Dropoff just makes sense. There’s always a courier in uniform and ready to go, regardless of the hour.  When the courier arrives at the hospital, they call to let the family know they’ve arrived, they get the packaged placenta, and have someone sign at the time of the pickup. (And, let’s be frank: using a courier service lets us spend more time with our families! I can’t tell you how many times we get calls during an activity that’s really important to one of our kids and instead of leaving, we’re able to send our courier service.)”

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