10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Nationwide Courier Service

10 Reasons you should hire a national courier - Dropoff, changing same-day delivery for business

We’d all like to be self-sufficient, however, sometimes it’s better to have a team we can rely on. Logistics is complicated, thankfully it’s a position you can outsource, and the third-party industry has come a long way since the bicycle messengers of the past. Here are 10 reasons you should use a national courier service.

1. National Courier Services Go the Distance

It’s not just about moving products from point A to point B. Customers are demanding more services than ever before. They want consistent quality and reliability, coupled with competitive pricing. This landscape is perfect for nationwide courier services, as they offer a complete logistics solution that includes warehousing, fleet management, and nationwide shipping solutions.

2. Innovations in Courier Technology

Couriers are efficient at what they do, as they specialize in same-day and next-day deliveries. They also use route optimization software to ensure they use the least amount of fuel while delivering packages on time.

National couriers save you money on multi-stop delivery routes. If you have more than one delivery with different drop-off locations, a courier can save you fuel and driver costs by turning your routes into one round-trip route.

Not to mention the advancements last mile delivery tracking that we will get into later in this article.

3. Time-Saving Benefits of Using a National Courier Service

A nationwide courier service will have the systems and experience to ensure your shipments get from A to B reliably and quickly. They’ll have staff with extensive knowledge of customs regulations, packaging requirements, and even state-level regulations that might affect your shipment. As an example, some states have special rules about labeling certain chemicals as hazardous materials. This is especially relevant for the transportation of specimens and blood samples. A good courier service will know about these regulations and have processes in place to easily navigate them.

Why should healthcare companies consolidate their logistics?

National courier services allow you to track your shipments online at any time.

4. Track Your Shipments Online at Any Time

National courier services are able to provide you with a level of accuracy and transparency that you simply can’t get with standard couriers. When you choose a courier that serves nationally, expect clear communication about the location of your packages, with real-time visibility into their status and on time delivery metrics.

The technology used to deliver your packages gives you accurate to-the-minute estimated arrival times (ETAs). This is what makes or breaks the success of any delivery service. Not only that but knowing exactly when your package will arrive allows you to make plans around it.

At Dropoff, we know that real-time tracking is not enough. Some deliveries just need that extra bit of care, which is why we provide unique pick-up and drop-off confirmation actions that help to protect your package and ensure that everyone involved in its journey knows where it is at all times.

We also provide delivery notifications via email and SMS text messages so you know when your package(s) have been delivered successfully, as well as signature confirmation images so that you can see who received them and when. These options create an extra layer of security, which can be important for businesses sending high-value items or confidential documents.

Read more about how it works

5. Personal Customer Care at Your Fingertips

The courier industry is a $133.8 billion market in the United States alone, and the majority of large companies are hiring nationwide courier services to handle their shipping needs. Large companies know that these experts can provide better customer service than their own in-house shipping departments. National couriers have the resources necessary to deliver with quality and consistency. 24/7 customer service also means that you’ll never be stuck in a bad situation. You can always rely on them to be there when you need them and avoid any logistical issues.

6. National Couriers Run 24/7/365

National courier services run 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This means that you never have to worry about any delays or downtime, and can trust that your business operates smoothly at a nationwide level. This can be especially important when you’re selling online; if you offer your shoppers next-day delivery, they expect exactly that — anything less reflects negatively on your brand image. With national couriers, your logistics processor doesn’t need to worry about it.

7. Cargo Transportation Made Easy

Your employees should be focused on their area of expertise, not on getting shipments out the door. By outsourcing shipping to a courier service, your staff will be able to focus on what really matters — generating revenue for your business instead of packaging items or waiting in line at the post office.

With a national courier, your supply chain and logistics become more streamlined. You won’t have to worry about finding the right provider for each leg of the journey or tracking down contacts in case there’s an issue. All you have to do is provide accurate information about your shipment and the national courier will handle the rest.

8. Arrival Delays and Claims Management

In the situation where a shipment is delayed and may not arrive within the expected delivery period, some nationwide couriers like Dropoff proactively investigate issues and update you on where your package is to give you peace of mind. However, not all couriers are created equal, for some you’ll have to contact their customer service team to address issues.

In the unlikely event that your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you can make a claim through the courier company. Claims must be made within a certain time period after dispatch, so it’s important to act quickly. You should also read their terms and conditions before shipping anything with them so that you know what their policy is regarding lost or damaged packages.

National couriers offers a network of drivers, warehouses, and vehicles to service same-day delivery nationwide

9. A Network of Drivers, Warehouses, and Vehicles

When you’re looking to expand your business, you need a delivery service that can grow with you. A national courier service offers a big advantage over local courier companies: they have a country-wide network of drivers, warehouses, and vehicles at their disposal.

When you work with a nationwide courier company, you don’t just get access to one fleet of vehicles – you get access to all of its vehicles across the country. This means that if your own fleet isn’t available, the courier company can use another vehicle from its national network.

It also means that during peak demand periods – such as when your business is expanding – your courier company can send additional vehicles out on the road to meet the extra demand.

Learn more about the Dropoff fleet

10. National Coverage and Location Availability

Do you have customers, suppliers, or partners that do business out of state? You can still rely on your local courier services, but this means higher prices and longer delivery times. Many use FedEx or UPS for delivering out of state, but these services are slower and more costly than working with a courier directly.

Partnering with a nationwide courier service like Dropoff, allows you to offer the same high-quality service that you provide locally. Delivery times are comparable (and often faster), and you can expect the same reliability all across the country.


These days, most large companies are increasingly aware of the benefits that national courier services can bring. These include guaranteed on-time delivery, real-time tracking, and same-day shipping. When businesses are competing on a global level, the advantages of using a nationwide courier service can be huge.

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