New Study Proves that Shipping Speed Matters

A new study by Dotcom Distribution proves that fast delivery influences customer’s purchase decisions. This study supports our recent retail survey that showed very similar results: faster delivery speed matters and is a major deciding factor for shoppers.

“For nearly a decade experts have insisted that shipping times are key for shopper engagement, and that hasn’t changed. According to Dotcom Distribution’s new study, How Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging Drives Customer Loyalty, most shoppers say shipping speed is key to their decision making, and that 67% would pay more to get same-day delivery of items purchased online.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 68% say branded packaging is more upscale than unbranded packaging
• 44% say branded packaging makes the product/brand seem ‘worth the cost’
• 17% report branded packaging makes a brand relatable

Read the entire article and survey results here.

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