Dropoff Partners with Partell Compounding Pharmacy to Reliably Deliver Medication

With a commitment to providing reliable solutions for a happier and healthier life, Partell Compounding Pharmacy has created the perfect formula. For the past 26 years, Partell Pharmacy has mixed passion and science to fully service a wide range of physicians and patients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Their products include personalized solutions, supplements and skin care. 


Physicians demand high-quality products for their patients. Partell Pharmacy meets these specific needs with its quality compounded products and in turn, needs a trusted delivery service to deliver its items to patients reliably and on time. Their customer experience is extremely important and unfortunately, it was hindered by their previous courier.

Pharmacists at Partell Pharmacy lost 8 hours a week calling doctors and patients every other day— sometimes 2-3 times a day— to resolve issues made by their previous courier. The complaints included lost packages and unprofessional drivers who made their customers unhappy. It resulted in redelivering and replacing expensive medications at their cost, causing a significant monetary impact. 

Another downfall they experienced was losing valuable time from their pharmacists because they were allocating several hours a week resolving customer complaints about their previous courier.

Keeping their patients at the forefront of their business, Partell Pharmacy quickly came to the conclusion they needed a new same-day delivery solution.


  • Specialized healthcare delivery solution with experienced, reliable drivers 
  • In-person implementation, making the operation seamless and simple
  • Strategic routing that improves efficiencies
  • Real-time tracking & data analytics
  • Customizable driver actions (ex: email confirmation & signature verification)

Partell Pharmacy researched six different couriers before determining Dropoff was the ideal fit for their needs. What made the decision simple was the fact that Dropoff and its drivers specialize in healthcare delivery and patient experience, utilizing logistics experts who can make the entire experience seamless. 

Starting with implementation, a team from Dropoff’s headquarters in Austin, TX flew out to meet with Partell Pharmacy to learn more about their specific business needs. Dropoff completed a trial week to show how its capabilities worked and to ensure every detail was executed properly. By the end of the trial, Partell Pharmacy was comfortable enough to give Dropoff their full customer base of deliveries. 

Drew Morris, IT Manager at Partell Pharmacy said, “The Dropoff team put significant effort into ensuring the rollout went well, making the operation seamless and simple. They did an excellent job.”

Each day, Dropoff sends as many drivers as needed to complete their daily deliveries—a complete shift from their previous courier who picked up 2-3 times a day, took the deliveries to a sorting facility and routed it back out with 2-3 delivery times per day. Dropoff’s strategic routing immediately improved efficiencies for Partell Pharmacy’s customers and reduced their carbon footprint. 

Every delivery is pre-routed and the driver knows what they’re picking up and are courteous and professional throughout the entire process. Getting a package from A to B is not the only job for drivers for Dropoff. Dropoff acts as an extension of Partell Pharmacy’s brand, treating every delivery with the utmost care because there’s a patient on the other side. 

Additionally, Dropoff equipped Partell Pharmacy with real-time tracking capabilities, data analytics, customizable driver actions, like email confirmations and signature verifications to ensure there are no longer damaged or lost packages.  


For the first time, Partell Pharmacy has complete transparency into each and every delivery they place. By partnering with Dropoff, their days of dealing with couriers losing packages are over. 

Their pharmacists went from resolving an estimated 10-15 issues their previous courier made per week to 0. They also have access to real-time map tracking (which can be shared with their customers) to eliminate lost packages, and a dashboard of analytics that includes their order patterns, driver ratings, and spend with a dedicated account manager to help optimize their delivery process. These capabilities resulted in pharmacists gaining back 8 hours of their time per week to focus on their job.

Additionally, between pharmacists wages, replacing medications, and giving free products to unhappy customers, Partell Pharmacy is saving thousands of dollars per month using Dropoff. 

With several improvements in place, Partell Pharmacy has been able to rebuild positive relationships with their customers and focus on growth for their business. 

“I’m pretty adamant about Dropoff. We’ve never had a lost package and that’s a pretty high testament.”

Looking to learn more about how Dropoff’s same-day delivery solution for healthcare? One of our experts would be happy to help solve your logistics challenges. 

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