Dropoff Client Success Story: Blackbox Meats

BlackBox Meats is centered around one clear vision: To allow meat companies across the country to easily offer their premium meats directly to consumers. Launched in early 2020 by food service veteran Jeff Pugh, his vision was to provide high quality meats – right to your front door. Dropoff has been a vital partner in ensuring professional and on-time delivery for BlackBox Meats.



4,500+ Monthly Deliveries

95% On-Time Performance

Expansion Opportunities

From zero in <6 months For all deliveries to date Since beginning in 2020 BlackBox Meats and Dropoff have launched 4 new markets with many more on the horizon

The Beginning

BlackBox Meats is an e-commerce platform that allows meat companies in any market to add their inventory to the BlackBox platform.This platform began in Las Vegas with a partnership with Freedom Meats, a premium meat company whose inventory is utilized by some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels in Las Vegas.

At the time, Freedom meats still did not have an efficient way to offer their premium cuts of meat directly to consumers until they were introduced to BlackBox. The challenge Freedom Meats faced was similar to what many customers face — how can we ensure our product (meats) is delivered in a timely manner?  It was at this point that the BlackBox Meats partnership with Dropoff came to fruition.

With a same-day delivery company they could trust, BlackBox Meats was ready to launch in Las Vegas. That launch was expedited by the number one news story of 2020: COVID-19.

When asked about ensuring the freshness of each delivery, BlackBox Meats operations specialist Terry Makasziw praised the partnership, had this to say: 

“That’s where Dropoff came in, as our partner courier service. It’s critically important that the courier we were going to choose would make sure that the fragile quality of our meat was going to remain in the same prime condition from the time it leaves our building to the time it’s delivered to a customer.” 

The Partnership

COVID-19’s impact expanded to many businesses including BlackBox Meats, who experienced product (meat) shortages as a result of increased demand. This demand was much larger than anticipated. 

The mutual commitment to success by both BlackBox Meats and Dropoff allowed the partnership to flourish.  As Stacey Coxon, an operations manager for BlackBox Meats says, 

“Dropoff was willing to work with us to basically help in any way they could… we were backlogged by about a week and Dropoff truly was 24/7 in helping us get our product to all these people who now were depending on it.” 

Following the initial success of the first launch, BlackBox was able to retain customers from the launch while adding others. In addition, BlackBox Meats launched in Phoenix, Irvine, and Seattle and has plans for additional markets. 

“By being able to offer meat companies access to their great e-commerce platform and Dropoff being their partner in handling all the fulfillment it’s no wonder BlackBox Meats has seen such growth.”

The Key Success Factors

When transporting something time sensitive such as premium meats, the most important factor is ensuring freshness of the product. 

That’s where Dropoff’s professionalism and willingness to adapt came in handy. As BlackBox Meats said, “There is really no one else doing what we do in the country and Dropoff is a huge part of that.” The other factor is the amount of support you have in the rare circumstance when things go wrong. In conjunction with BlackBox Meat’s around the clock customer support team, there is the added benefit of Dropoff’s 24/7 client success team. 

BlackBox’s continued success is due to the consumer demand for premium meats delivered straight to your door. “It’s clear this demand for premium meats you can’t get at the grocery store isn’t going away anytime soon. We can onboard new meat companies in a matter of hours so we are in this for the long haul,” the company said.

Dropoff’s high quality customer experience, live tracking and high on-time delivery percentages enables BlackBox Meats to continue meeting their increased demands. Both companies look forward to the continued partnership and growth.

““Those first few weeks were a whirlwind and we would have never gotten through it if Dropoff was not really a 24/7 service.”

—Terry Makasziw

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