5 Tips to Make Your Bakery Delivery More Efficient


As the owner or operator of a bakery, your days are full of preparing goods for special events, like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. And these occasions often call for delivery. To ensure a successful delivery of bakery items - whether they be cakes, cupcakes, cookies or other sweet treats - follow these simple tips.

Sturdy Packing

Packing safely and securely is the first and most important step in successful bakery delivery. Put goods into window boxes -- cardboard boxes with clear cutouts on them -- so that you can easily view them during transport. For cupcakes, use cupcake holders for added safety. Then, carefully secure your baked items for transport. Lay boxes of cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and more on the floor of your vehicle and never in the seat to reduce sliding and to keep them level. Invest in anti-slide or rubber mats to place on floorboards to further prevent movement.

Use Climate-Controlled Vehicles

Climate-controlled vehicles and storage are essential in keeping perishables fresh from pickup through delivery. To keep your baked goods warm, invest in insulated bags or coolers to store items during transport. Additionally, keep your vehicle cool and windows rolled up for added peace of mind and protection.

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Schedule Routes

Anticipate the route ahead of time to account for bumpy roads or sharp turns. Know the exact whereabouts of your destination for a smooth, stressless drive. Keep recipient contact information at hand, and give yourself plenty of time to make it to the destination and unload items.

Emergency Kits

Keep an emergency kit handy in case a crack forms in frosting, an icing flower breaks off, or chocolate melts. It’s important to take the time to pack any tools and extra supplies you may need should any mishaps occur.

Outsource Bakery Deliveries

We know that your days are already as busy as can be. Do yourself a favor and outsource your bakery deliveries to a reliable and professional on-demand courier service with experience in delivery of baked goods and provide your customers with same-day delivery.

Partner with Dropoff and rest assured that your bakery items are in the best hands. Our Agents are background-checked, insured, and have customer-service experience so you never have to worry about who is interacting with your customers. They truly act as an extension of your brand and provide customers with the same great service they know and love from your bakery.

All food deliveries are packed in insulated bags and transported in climate-controlled vehicles for quality assurance. We transport items in large and small vehicles so that we can accommodate a delivery of 1,000 cupcakes or a single box of treats.

Track your bakery delivery on a live map throughout the entire process and receive signature verifications upon completion. Dropoff is here to handle all of your bakery deliveries -- reliably and professionally.



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"I used to do 100% of all our bakery deliveries myself, and with 8-10 deliveries every day, it was becoming a full-time job. Now Dropoff handles my deliveries for me, with zero customer complaints. Today I watched my son play a high school football scrimmage in the middle of the work day, which I never would have been able to do before Dropoff took over my delivery orders. For the first time in almost four years I have been able to close my monthly accounting procedures on time as I actually have time to get my books up to date. Dropoff has been great to work with and has given me time to focus on what matters. I've gotten to the point where I can't live without them."

Brian Herbstreit - Owner, Nothing Bundt Cakes

"I have nothing but good things to say about the Dropoff Team! Every courier that has picked up has been on time, professional and courteous. We would highly recommend Dropoff!" 

Annie Hall - Owner, Annie's Culinary Creations
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