10 Last-Mile Delivery Conferences And Events Planned For 2024

10 Last Mile Delivery Conferences and Events Planned For 2023

Calling out to all leaders in the logistics industry! We have put together this list of 10 last-mile delivery conferences and events that you won’t want to miss in 2024. These events will focus on all aspects of last-mile delivery, from technology and innovation to policy and strategy.

Attendees can expect to learn about the latest developments in the field and network with fellow professionals. So mark your calendars now and make sure to attend these last-mile events.

Top 10 Transportation And Logistics Conferences 2024

Here are the top 10 conferences of 2024, where industry leaders converge to explore cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative strategies shaping the future of global mobility and supply chain management:

1. International Conference On Healthcare And Humanitarian Logistics 2024

Location: Athens, Greece

Date: 15-16 March 2024

Link: https://iser.org.in/conf/index.php?id=2250529

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

Attendees of the International Conference on Healthcare and Humanitarian Logistics 2024 (ICHHL-24) in Athens, Greece on March 15th – 16th, 2024, can expect a gathering of leading scientists, industry professionals, and experts. 

Through informative discussions, the conference will address solutions, achievements, and future strategies in healthcare and humanitarian logistics, fostering networking opportunities and encouraging active participation to benefit both the field and humankind.

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2. The 2024 IWLA Convention and Expo

Location: Orlando, Florida

Date: 21-23 April 2024

Link: https://iwla.com/iwla-convention-expo/

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

The 2024 IWLA Convention & Expo is the ultimate gathering for warehousing leaders, offering unparalleled networking and learning opportunities. Taking place in Orlando, Florida from April 21-23, 2024, this event brings together North American warehouse logistics leaders to connect, learn, and grow. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a returning participant, you’ll discover unique experiences and connections exclusive to IWLA-member logistics leaders. 

Get ready for insightful sessions, engaging networking opportunities, and the chance to learn from keynote speaker Mike Sarrille, a retired Navy SEAL and bestselling author, as he shares his expertise on leadership and high-performing teams. Don’t miss out on the chance to kick off your convention experience with the annual IWLA Golf Classic Tournament on April 21st, where you can network with industry professionals while enjoying a round of golf. 

3. Last-Mile Delivery Meetup 2024

Location: Berlin

Date: 15 May 2024

Link: https://bettermile.com/last-mile-meetup

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

Expect dynamic discussions on adapting to the evolving landscape of parcel delivery. With a focus on the future of the industry in the next decade, participants will delve into the integration of drones and autonomous robots, anticipating increased autonomy and consumer demands for flexibility and control. 

Explore the necessary steps for adaptation and discover cutting-edge tools shaping the future of parcel delivery during this engaging meetup.

4. ECA MarketPlace 2024

Location: The Rosen Centre, Orlando

Date: 15 May 2024

Link: https://ecadeliveryindustry.org/marketplace/

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

The ECA Marketplace Expo 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities for expanding business horizons and enhancing profitability. Unlike traditional conferences, this event facilitates targeted meetings between companies, eliminating downtime on the exhibit floor. Through proprietary software, carriers and shippers can efficiently match their needs and capabilities, resulting in thousands of productive 15-minute interviews over two days. 

With over 600 company representatives participating in 11,000+ interviews at ECA MarketPlace 2024, attendees can expect to connect with hundreds of industry players, showcase their strengths, forge lasting relationships, and elevate their visibility in the fast-paced shipping sector. Join the legacy of over 28 years of networking opportunities and secure your success by registering for the ECA MarketPlace Expo 2024.

5. Home Delivery World 2024

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Date: 5-6 June 2024

Link: https://www.terrapinn.com/conference/home-delivery-world/index.stm 

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

If you’re looking for solutions to manage cross-border logistics better, Home Delivery World is the show for you. Retailers, manufacturers, and grocers from all over will attend to discuss innovative shipping methods domestically and across borders via the last mile.

Services such as white glove delivery and grocery eCommerce will also be covered.

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6. Last-Mile Delivery Summit & Expo Europe 2024

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Date: 24 – 25 June, 2024 

Link: https://lmdconference.com/ 


Registration Type:

  • Retailer, Brands, Restaurateurs & Fulfillment Centers: $985
  • Technologies & Solutions Providers: $1,685
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors(Additional Pass): $1,685

Group Registration Discount:

  • Complimentary registrations are available for groups of four or more attendees from the same organization.

Complimentary Registrations:

  • 4 Registrations Total, 3 Registrations +1 Free
  • 7 Registrations Total, 5 Registrations + 2 Free
  • 10 Registrations Total, 7 Registrations + 3 Free
  • 14 Registrations Total, 10 Registrations + 5 Free

What To Expect:

The Last Mile Delivery Summit & Expo Europe is coming soon, and it’s an excellent opportunity for everyone involved in parcel delivery technologies to get together and discuss what progress has been made so far.

This summit is a chance for industry, e-commerce, retailers, transit and fleet operators, insurers, and legislatures to all come together and talk about the challenges related to the required support structure, warehouse locations, and effects of these disruptive technologies on delivery, warehousing, and customer service.

Other Opportunities:

  • Stay ahead of legal and ethical considerations in last-mile delivery implemented in the US and EU countries. Explore the latest developments and regulations shaping the landscape of final-mile logistics, ensuring compliance and ethical practices in the rapidly evolving transportation industry.
  • Get an accurate sense of where the industry is headed and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Keep track of the capabilities and technologies needed, including those you are currently working on, those you plan to work on, and those for which no current plans exist.
  • Discover new U.S. and European programs, catch up on what has been accomplished, and find out what is being scheduled.
  • Connect with and learn from other experts and maintain relationships with government officials.

Who Should Attend?

The summit will include high-profile industry employers such as retailers, fleet managers, couriers, express, and parcel companies, and fleet operators. Logistics service providers, insurers, and government officials are also encouraged to attend.

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7. Leaders In Logistics: Last Mile 2024

Location: Twickenham Stadium, London

Date: 9 October 2024

Link: https://leaders-in-logistics.com/events/last-mile/ 


  • Standard: €1,499.00 + VAT
  • Carriers, Postal & Logistics Operators: €1,299.00 + VAT
  • Start-Up: €849.00 + VAT

Group Tickets:

  • Group of 5+ Carriers, Postal & Logistics Operators – 25% off
  • Group of 3+Carriers, Postal & Logistics Operators – 15% off
  • Group of 3+ Standard – 15%

What To Expect:

Get ready for the 2024 Last Mile Conference as it brings Twickenham alive with discussions on hot topics. Dive into the evolving e-commerce landscape, discovering new markets and strategies for consumer-to-consumer logistics alongside direct-to-consumer approaches. 

Moreover, explores the vital realm of customer experience in delivery, decoding online shopping behaviors and crafting seamless delivery journeys while tackling returns efficiently. Delve into the future of delivery technology, from drones to micro-fulfillment, poised to reshape last-mile logistics. 

Finally, explore sustainability solutions, optimizing efficiency with out-of-home delivery, cargo bike fleets, and innovative technologies.

8. Deliver America 2024

Location: Las, Vegas, USA

Date: 10-11 October 2024

Link: https://www.deliver.events/america

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

At the Deliver America 2024 Expo, anticipate a premier retail meeting event focused on fostering innovation in commerce and supply chain management. With over 500 C- and D-level retail leaders in attendance, the expo prioritizes business matchmaking, ensuring meaningful connections with vendor experts driving the supply chain revolution. 

Attendees can also expect content-rich keynote sessions led by influential leaders, sharing inspiring insights without pay-to-play arrangements. Moreover, the expo stands out for its commitment to sustainability, offering powerful and memorable experiences while remaining carbon and profit-neutral.

9. The London And South East Manufacturing, Industrial And Logistics Conference 2024

Location: BAFTA, London

Date: 17 October 2024

Link: https://lastmileconference.co.uk/

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

The London and South East Manufacturing, Industrial, and Logistics Conference – LAST MILE – will return in October 2024, bringing together local and state government officials, investors, developers, consultants, agents, and tenants to discuss ongoing sector issues as well as future opportunities.

During the LAST MILE Conference, participants delved into vital sector themes, such as necessary adjustments for present and future energy infrastructure, integration of urban logistics into communities, advantages and hurdles of retrofitting, the evolving sustainability demands, and essential skills for the future workforce, all focused on the London and South East markets.

We expect to hear more insight on relevant topics in next year’s event.

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10. Parcel+Post Expo 2024

Location: Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands

Date: 22 – 24 October 2024

Link: https://www.parcelandpostexpo.com/en/

Price: TBC

What To Expect:

As the largest gathering of postal, parcel, and express professionals worldwide, Parcel+Post Expo provides the perfect opportunity to debate current issues, form new business relationships, and see the latest innovations in the sector.

Over three days, visitors can explore the exhibition showcasing the latest technologies, attend conference sessions featuring expert industry analysis and opinion, and take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities. With over 10,000 visitors expected from more than 130 countries, Parcel+Post Expo 2024 is set to be the biggest and best event yet.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the latest trends in the sector, meet potential partners or suppliers, or see the latest innovations firsthand, Parcel+Post Expo 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in postal, parcel, or express.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Drone parcel delivery
  • Autonomous delivery vehicles and robots
  • Intelligent logistics systems
  • Robotics and A.I.
  • Predictive technology
  • Disruptive technology
  • Fulfillment innovation
  • Zero-emission fleets
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big data solutions
  • And more

How Dropoff Can Help With Last-Mile Delivery

As we look ahead to 2024, these logistics conferences and events are sure to be highlights of the year.

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1. What can attendees expect to learn at the 2024 last-mile delivery conferences?

Attendees will learn about the latest developments in last-mile delivery technology, innovation, policy, and strategy. This includes discussions on sustainable practices, cutting-edge technologies, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

2. How do the 2024 last-mile delivery events differ from each other?

Each event focuses on specific aspects of last-mile delivery, such as healthcare logistics, warehousing strategies, the integration of drones and autonomous robots, and sustainable supply chain management. Some events also highlight networking through activities like golf tournaments.

3. Why are these last-mile delivery conferences important for professionals in the logistics industry?

These conferences are crucial for logistics professionals seeking to stay ahead of industry trends, understand emerging technologies, and network with peers. They offer insights into improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of global mobility and supply chain management.

4. How can businesses benefit from attending these last-mile delivery conferences in 2024?

Businesses can gain a competitive edge by understanding the latest innovations and strategies in last-mile delivery. They’ll learn about optimizing cross-border logistics, managing e-commerce growth, enhancing customer experiences, and incorporating sustainable practices into their operations.

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