Driver Spotlight: Victoria House

This month’s “Driver Spotlight” features our Phoenix driver, Victoria House, who has been with us since we opened the market in February. Read about Victoria’s day-to-day, her most interesting delivery, and what sets this market apart from the rest.

Name: Victoria House

City Served: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown: Portland, OR.

What does a typical day of delivering look like for you: My days always consist of multiple runs to one of our large retail clients to pick up items like clothing, handbags and shoes to drop off to their customers. It seems like everyday I am meeting new Dropoff clients and learning about new businesses in Phoenix, including bakeries, restaurants, print shops, and more. 

What do you love most about your job: I love meeting new clients and seeing how excited they are to be able to deliver and receive their packages so quickly. This job has exposed me to different areas of the city that I otherwise would never visit, which is pretty awesome. 

What’s the most interesting/unusual thing you’ve delivered: One time I had to walk around downtown Phoenix with two large, heavy wedding dresses that needed to go to the dry cleaners.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you: I show my parents’ Bearded Collie, Rock, at dog shows. If you’ve seen “Best in Show,” it’s exactly like that. Rock has even reached the title of “Grand Champion!” 


Interested in becoming a Dropoff driver? Visit our Become a driver page to apply today!

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