Delivery Driver Spotlight: Ben Parker of Dallas-Fort Worth

We’re happy to introduce Ben Parker as our driver spotlight in the month of August. Ben gives us a glimpse of his experiences driving for Dropoff in Dallas-Fort Worth. Additionally, he expresses his appreciation for the people he works with that help him make his deliveries successful.

Name: Ben Parker

City Served: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Hometown: I was Born in Hico, TX and now residing in Garland, TX

What does a typical day making deliveries for Dropoff look like for you? I start around 1 p.m. fresh after my full-time job. I try to give myself 15-30 minutes of downtime between both jobs to fuel up my car and grab an energy drink. Before the day’s adventure, I punch in and reach out to the dispatch team at Dropoff and it’s go time until the last delivery is made and they say, ” all clear.” I typically get home around 9-9:30 p.m.

What do you love most about driving for Dropoff? I must admit I love everything about Dropoff. The uniforms and the mobile app we use are great. I want to thank Sean Spector, Dropoff’s CEO and founder who has allowed us all these amazing jobs and opportunities.

I also want to thank the wonderful dispatch team and management, Mitchell Mahaney, Matthew Christensen, Kevin Leonard (miss you buddy), Alex Notis, Paul North, Oakley Akers, and most importantly Jason Sejd who hired and trained me. These people make our Dallas team amazing on a daily basis and make our jobs extremely simple. It’s exciting to clock in and not know where I’m going to go. It could be a mile away or hours away, and along the way are opportunities. I meet amazing people and clients while on these delivery adventures, and after they lead me back home to my loving family.

What has been your favorite delivery so far? I can’t say I have just one favorite. I enjoy the pharmaceutical runs because it really makes me feel like I’m making a difference and helping people in need. I’ve never seen people that don’t know me genuinely smile and be as happy to see me show up for patients and family members of Dropoff clients with their pharmaceutical deliveries.

Tell us a story about a delivery experience that stood out most to you. I recently picked up some documents in a manila envelope and deliver it into downtown Dallas. Once checking in at the security gate, the guard (who looked like Secret Service) came out to check my ID and asked for my purpose of the visit. He then asked me to roll down all my windows and used a mirror to check inside and underneath my car. Once passing through, I completed the delivery and the employee who accepted the order informed me that the business was part of the Ross Perot company. I quickly understood why all the security measures were put into place.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? I was a three-month-old, premature baby weighing only 2 pounds and 8 ounces, and was pronounced dead at birth. Now, here I am at 31 years of age and I’ve never had a health complication. I’m very thankful and humbled to be chosen for this. I love my job and working for this growing company. Thanks to everyone at Dropoff who has contributed to the success of where it is today. I’m excited to see where this journey takes all of us together. Thanks again to Sean Spector and the amazing group at the corporate headquarters for all they do. Thanks to the Dallas group and our amazing dispatchers. Thanks to Oakley and Jason Sejd for teaching and allowing me an opportunity to work for this great company.

Are you interested in driving for Dropoff? Visit our drivers page to learn more.

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