Delivery Driver Spotlight: Byron Obando-Sentes of Nashville

We’re happy to introduce Byron Obando-Sentes as our driver spotlight in the month of June. Byron gives us an inside peek of how rewarding his job can be, enjoying breathtaking landscapes and meeting great people.

Name: Byron Obando-Sentes

City Served: Nashville, TN

Hometown: Guatemala

What does a typical day making deliveries for Dropoff look like for you?

My day starts at 10 a.m., heading downtown to one of Dropoff’s largest client’s headquarters in Nashville. It usually takes between seven to eight hours to complete the route, which includes stops at all of its locations.

After driving that route for almost a year, I have come to know a lot of people there. Every single day there’s a smiling face, a quick story about a family adventure someone had, or a new discovery. Sometimes I have to get creative when packing everything in my car to make it fit. But it’s worth the effort because I leave seeing smiles on everyone’s faces and receiving warm wishes for a safe trip. I hit the road and start playing music from my long playlist.

I have to say it has been an adventure most of the time. I keep thinking I should document all of the beautiful and breathtaking landscapes I’ve seen on the roads and highways of Tennessee. After a long day, I’m back at the same place where I started in downtown Nashville. I make my final delivery and head back home, not too far from downtown.

What do you love most about driving for Dropoff?

I love so many things about driving for Dropoff, it is hard to think of the one I love the most. For starters, I really enjoy driving, so that’s a plus on this job. I get to do something I enjoy, and now I’m very familiar with Nashville and many other cities around it. It feels as if I have always lived here.  Second, I get to meet and know so many interesting people while doing deliveries. Finally, it allows me to enjoy the outdoors and gorgeous landscapes of Tennessee.

I love that my car is my “office.” I never turn down the chance to make a delivery to a city outside of Nashville and drive on the rural roads in the country, just for the views.

What has been your favorite delivery so far?

My favorite delivery was when I had to file documents in court for a law firm. It was an urgent delivery that came around 1 p.m. on a Friday. The documents needed to be filed in Chattanooga, TN, which is 140 miles away from Nashville. It was also in a different time zone and the deadline to file was that Friday at 4 p.m. I rushed through Friday traffic and made it to the destination one minute before they closed. I had never been in Chattanooga before, so after I filed the documents in court, I stayed there for the night and visited some of the attractions in the city. Turns out I liked it so much, it is now one of my favorites places to visit.

Tell us a story about a delivery experience that stood out most to you.

There are actually two experiences that stood out most to me. The first one was a delivery I did for a music label in downtown Nashville. I had to go through security to deliver the package to one of the upper floors of the building. After getting up to that floor, I saw Keith Urban coming out from one of the offices. Although I maintained professionalism throughout the experience, it was great to see him in-person!

The other experience that stood out was when the people at one of the clinics on my route offered me a car when mine broke down so I could keep working. It wasn’t necessary because I was able to get another car, but the fact that they offered that was both impressive and heartwarming. It goes to show that they didn’t want to lose me as their driver. I’m thankful for not only having a job I like and enjoy, but also for all the nice people I meet while doing it. The appreciation they show me every time I visit their offices is worthwhile. We have forged a strong, professional relationship and even friendships in some cases.  

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with two different types of thyroid cancer three years ago and underwent surgery and treatment to cure it. It’s almost impossible to describe the feeling when you get that type of news, knowing your life might come to an end soon. I can honestly say it’s a miracle I’m here today. I thank God and the magnificent doctors treating my cancer because I was cured and now it’s just a bad memory.

Going through that has definitely made me see life differently. Having a second chance changed how I see and perceive life. It makes me appreciate it and enjoy it even more.

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