Driver Spotlight: Meet Oakley Akers

We always talk about our drivers being the backbone of our company because it’s so true. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be the five-star rated company that we are. So to give you a better glimpse into the drivers you know and love, we are going to spotlight a driver each month. First up is Oakley Akers, who serves our Austin clients.  

Name: Oakley Akers

City served: Austin

Hometown: Bay City, TX

What does a typical day for you look like: Whenever I’m scheduled to do breakfast runs, my day starts at 5am, otherwise I pick up the Dropoff van between 9-10am. The mornings are full of deliveries for our commercial printing client, Ginny’s. When lunchtime hits I focus on meal kit deliveries for clients. Afternoons consist of medical deliveries from clients like Stonegate Pharmacy to their patients’ home or workplace. Sprinkled throughout the day are large commercial/industrial van orders from a variety of clients.

What has been your favorite Dropoff delivery experience so far: My favorite deliveries are always for Ginny’s. I love getting to chat with Chris and Michael, who are my points of contact when I’m picking up orders. Since we do so many runs for Ginny’s I’ve been able to build a relationship with them. These runs are almost always delivered to businesses. Overall my favorite part of my job is delivering to happy customers and being able to make their days a little easier.  

What’s the most interesting or unusual thing you’ve delivered: I’ve picked up a placenta from a new mom’s house, and took it to an encapsulator. It was interesting to see the encapsulator workspace and how she makes products for new moms.  

What is something that most people don’t know about you/interesting fact: I’m super passionate about architecture. In high school I designed a house for Habitat for Humanity that has been rebuilt 8 times. I helped build it in high school and it was an awesome experience seeing my hard work come to life.

Are you interested in becoming a Dropoff driver? Visit our Become a Driver page to learn more about our delivery driver jobs and to apply.

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