Driver Spotlight: Meet Andrew Hubenak

This month we’re featuring one of our dedicated Houston drivers, Andrew Hubenak. From navigating downtown Houston to delivering 500 bags of donut holes, learn how Andrew’s job stays interesting.

Name: Andrew Hubenak

Market: Houston, TX

Hometown: Houston, TX

What does a typical day for you look like?:  A typical day starts early at Dropoff in Houston, quite often with our client, Shipley’s Donuts. Just recently, we had a 4:30am Shipley’s order going to the Westin Hotel – Memorial City for a NFL breakfast being put on by the Super Bowl committee. Kolache Shoppe is another client with early morning runs.  I drive a Dropoff van, and if there are no van runs scheduled in the late morning, I usually head to the office to watch the board and get ready for lunch. Lunchtime is a very busy part of the day for us. Typically, Dropoff Houston has a few dozen lunches to deliver from a list of clients that includes Jerrybuilt Burgers, Brisket House, Pei Wei and Roostar Vietnamese Grill. After lunch, we settle into our afternoon flow of orders. Afternoon van runs range from transporting boxes of flowers between Randalls’ floral departments to picking up supplies for Pegu swim school from Costco.

What do you love most about your job?:  Learning to navigate downtown Houston, including the various loading docks. Below the ground level, underneath all those tall buildings, a network of people and machines are continually moving products and supplies in and out, feeding the downtown beast.

What’s the most interesting or unusual thing you’ve delivered?: I’m from Texas. So I’m used to big. It’s a theme here. So what’s a big order? How about 500 bags of donut holes for a University of Houston Alumni party. I made sure Tillman Fertitta got the first bag.

What is something that most people don’t know about you/interesting fact:  I’m left handed. I was born 9-11-77, so there goes my birthday. I’m an unknown/underground singer songwriter with multiple aliases.

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