Business Insider Says Dropoff Is Becoming the Next “FedEx Killer”

Business Insider’s Biz Carson recently caught up with our CEO, Sean Spector, to discuss how Dropoff is taking on Uber to become the next “FedEx Killer”, how we differ from peer-to-peer delivery services, and how we’re quickly on our way to becoming the national brand for same-day delivery.

In the article, Business Insider’s Carson writes, “While Uber has wanted to be [the national same-day delivery brand to take on FedEx], its RUSH business service has stagnated in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. Meanwhile, Dropoff has been encroaching on its turf. Spector says the startup is already profitable in its first few markets, and it counts Whole Foods, JW Marriott, and Susie Cakes as customers who use its service.”

The article points out that what sets Dropoff apart from traditional couriers is our ability to serve healthcare, grocery, and retail clients. The article continues, “Its ‘Agents,’ as it calls its contractors, do everything from deliver jewelry to a customer to meal kits. As healthcare shifts more to the home, Dropoff has trained its drivers in HIPAA compliance and started delivering medical supplies for a national client. When it comes to retail, Spector says the shift is inevitable over the next few years and it will be rare for a business to not have a deliver-that-day option.”

Aside from serving a variety of industries, Dropoff has the technology needed to attract national clients and further differentiate from UberRUSH. Carson writes, “The startup built the Dropoff Tracker, which allows businesses of any size to see any of the deliveries it has going on in the system. That way, if a brand like Whole Foods wants to see how many deliveries are out at the moment, they can look at it on any level from national to regional to store-specific deliveries.”

She continues, “Businesses are wanting the level of instant tracking that Uber has made ubiquitous, but they need professionalism on the other end, not a delivery driver who is pulling double duty as a courier.”

Read the full article from Business Insider here.

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