Same-Day Delivery in Orlando: A Day in the Life of Dropoff

For our Orlando team, the day starts off early (5:30 am early) when our Orlando General Manager, Jonathan Taibel begins routing deliveries for one of our medical clients, McKesson, and scheduling drivers for the day ahead. From health care to bakeries to printing companies and beyond, business in Orlando consists of deliveries for clients in many different industries.

“I love that what we do fills an important need for our clients and their customers. Whether we’re delivering floral arrangements for a special occasion or medical devices to hospitals, our Orlando clients all love how responsive we are to their needs.”

Jonathan describes each day as a puzzle that needs solving and a lot of moving pieces that need attention. While this makes the job exciting, serving Orlando comes with a unique set of challenges.

“The roads in Orlando get pretty congested, especially with one of the major freeways under construction. Our runs frequently take our drivers to Disney properties, which, combined with traffic and parking issues, can be a challenge in and of itself. Timing everything just right and anticipating traffic and other obstacles takes practice, but as we grow the market we’ve gotten pretty good at it.”

The rest of the day is full of medical runs, bakery deliveries, and printing drops for clients like Zoe’s Kitchen, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Olympus Group. Jonathan works throughout the day with our Dispatch team to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

“I love the team atmosphere we have at Dropoff. Knowing that we are all here to help one another accomplish our tasks and bigger goals makes it feel like working with family.”

Are you a business in Orlando in need of same-day delivery services? Contact Dropoff today to get started.

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Enhance The Customer Experience With Same-Day Delivery Services!