Same-Day Delivery in Houston: A Day in the Life of Dropoff

When it comes to Houston same-day delivery, business moves fast and Dropoff’s drivers and staff are always on the go. For our Houston team, the day starts early — at 7:30 a.m. Morning deliveries are placed by a wide-range of our customers, but it’s a guarantee we’ll have at least a few deliveries for our health care client, Baylor College of Medicine. All of our drivers — and our Houston Agents are no exception — are HIPAA-compliant, and making medication and infusion deliveries is a core part of our business.   

When late morning rolls around, our Houston staff gets busy with lunchtime catering deliveries. Our restaurant and bakery clients, including Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers, Whole Foods, Brisket BBQ, Sprinkles and Nothing Bundt Cakes, keep us busy until the late afternoon and beyond. In many cases, these customers have been able to expand their catering services with the help of Dropoff. When customers like Brian Dolan, Manager of Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers say things like, “Dropoff has been such an instrumental part of executing our catering deliveries” — we know we’re doing our job.  

Throughout the day, customers like Platinum Title, Heritage Texas Properties, and Minuteman Press keep our team very busy with a wide variety of deliveries. On any given day, our Agents can be delivering anything from a piece of jewelry to a pallet of printed materials.   

While we love serving Houston, delivery here comes with its challenges. “Houston is very spread out. The suburbs can be as far as 30 miles out in any given direction. And then there’s the traffic. Ours is definitely some of the worst,” says Jonathan Taibel, our Houston City Manager. But these are some of the reasons why our customers love using Dropoff so much. We save our customers time and the hassle of driving across town in traffic. That way, they can focus on the most important aspects of their own businesses.

The true backbone of our company is our team of committed driver Agents. Jonathan says his biggest accomplishment as Houston City Manager is his driver retention. Since turnover tends to be high for the courier industry, he is proud to have a team of experienced Agents who say they feel motivated and accomplished.

Find out more about Dropoff’s Houston same-day delivery service and how we can help your business. 

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