Predictions for Food and Grocery Retail Delivery

Convenience is king nowadays and it’s no surprise that the food and grocery industry is evolving to meet the needs of the modern consumer. An article from Retail Dive predicts seven trends that will begin to shape grocery retail in 2017 and how you, as a grocery store or restaurant, can adapt to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Following in the footsteps of traditional retail e-commerce like apparel, home goods, and jewelry, food and grocery shopping is moving online.“According to the latest data from Prosper Insights & Analytics’ November 2016 survey, 7.7% of U.S. consumers shopped for groceries online in the past 30 days, up from 5.7% two years ago.

The “convenience” of online shopping and grocery delivery means different things to different people. For some in crowded urban areas, getting to and from the grocery store may be a transportation issue. For busy working parents, grocery shopping may be a time issue. Others may just dislike grocery shopping and do anything to avoid the store.”

As online shopping becomes a major way in which consumers purchase groceries, figuring out how to get these goods to customer homes and offices poses another challenge.

“The last mile — getting goods from the final delivery hub to a consumer — will continue to challenge grocery retailers in 2017. Is home delivery the answer? Do shoppers expect same-day delivery? Will curbside pickup do? Do retailers need to create a pickup point inside the store or perhaps at remote locations like Amazon Lockers? Are fulfillment and pickup areas adequate? Is staffing sufficient to meet shopper demand and expectations? Should third-party partnerships be considered?”

As you can see, the crystal ball is still a bit foggy. What we do know is that 47% of consumers desire a same-day delivery option for their food and grocery orders, according to a study we recently conducted. That’s a number you can’t ignore.

Offer your customers on-demand, same-day delivery from Dropoff and rest assured that your products and customers are in the best hands. Our convenient, reliable, and professional delivery option for your food and grocery products will help you gain a competitive  and edge and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

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