15 Best eCommerce Shipping Companies in the US

Best E-Commerce Shipping Companies in the US

The famous US General Omar Bradley once said, “Amateurs talk strategy, and professionals talk logistics.” While it has been said decades ago, it still applies to the age of online shopping.

Efficient e-commerce shipping is a critical component of success in the ever-evolving world of online retail. The global eCommerce logistics market was valued at USD 312.03 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.8% 

As consumers place significant value on convenience and speed of parcel delivery, businesses need reliable eCommerce shipping solutions to meet these demands. 

This article explores the importance of efficient e-commerce shipping and introduces the concept of specialized shipping companies catering to online businesses’ unique needs.

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5 Signs Your Business Needs eCommerce Shipping Solutions

People often think that eCommerce businesses spend way less on supply chain operations than physical businesses. While it’s true to an extent, the cost of running an eCommerce business is still pretty hefty, as brands spend 5-15% of their total revenue in logistics alone.

But how can eCommerce businesses determine if they already need to get services from eCommerce shipping companies? Here are some tell-tale signs you need a shipping provider:

1. Increased Shipping Volume

A surge in order volume can strain in-house shipping operations. Recognizing this sign indicates the need for scalable solutions to handle growing demand. While there’s no one-size-fits-all number when it comes to specific shipping volumes to be outsourced, when your team can no longer handle the demand, it’s time to get help from experts.

2. Customer Demand for Faster Delivery

With the rise of fast-paced lifestyles, customers expect swift delivery times. This is especially true after COVID-19, as numerous eCommerce businesses introduced swift last-mile deliveries. 85% of online shoppers search elsewhere when delivery speeds are too long. In short, if you ain’t fast, then you ain’t good!

3. Global Expansion

Businesses eyeing international markets must navigate complex shipping requirements. Specialized e-commerce shipping companies can streamline global shipping processes, allowing businesses to scale their offers without sacrificing their supply chain.

4. Company Growth Goals

Ambitious growth objectives often necessitate efficient logistics. E-commerce shipping solutions can provide the infrastructure needed to support business expansion.

5. High Shipping Costs

Escalating shipping expenses can impact profitability. Seeking cost-effective solutions can enhance the bottom line while maintaining service quality.

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How Do You Choose the Best eCommerce Shipping Company?

Selecting the right e-commerce shipping partner requires careful consideration of various factors. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Business Size: Choose a shipping company that aligns with the scale of your business. Some companies specialize in serving small to medium-sized enterprises, while others cater to larger corporations.
  • Shipping Volume: Assess the average number of packages you ship daily. High-volume businesses may benefit from companies equipped to handle large quantities efficiently.
  • Target Audience: Consider the geographic locations of your customers. If you have a global customer base, prioritize shipping companies with robust international capabilities.
  • Service Customization: Opt for an eCommerce shipping partner that caters to your unique business needs. Services like branded packaging, flexible delivery schedules, and specialized handling enhance customer satisfaction and brand image.
  • Technology Integration: Choose a shipping company that seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Prioritize partners with robust API support for smooth information flow and automation between your eCommerce platform and the shipping provider. Look for user-friendly dashboards and real-time tracking capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency.
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Top 15 Best eCommerce Shipping Companies

Fortunately, there are now numerous businesses that can help you streamline an efficient last-mile delivery for your eCommerce business. Here are the best eCommerce delivery services providers in the market today:

1. Dropoff

Dropoff transforms e-commerce logistics with swift 90-minute deliveries, catering to diverse sectors like food, toys, books, and office equipment. With a focus on efficiency, they meet the demands of online businesses, ensuring timely deliveries even during peak seasons. 

Beyond courier services, Dropoff becomes a strategic business partner, offering on-demand and long-haul delivery options. Their nationwide coverage, proprietary technology, and commitment to adaptability make Dropoff a standout choice for businesses seeking seamless and expedited e-commerce shipping solutions.

2. United Parcel Service (UPS)

Leveraging decades of experience, UPS provides end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment. With a multi-site network, UPS ensures swift deliveries, cost efficiency, and exceptional customer service. Seamless integration options, including API and EDI configurations, enhance connectivity, making UPS a comprehensive and technologically advanced fulfillment solution.

3. FedEx

FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP) offers premium day-definite shipping, combining speed and cost-effectiveness. FedEx empowers customers with control through FedEx Delivery Manager, providing timely notifications and flexible options. With easy integration through FedEx API, hassle-free customs clearance solutions, and real-time tracking, FedEx ensures end-to-end visibility and customer confidence.

4. DHL

DHL eCommerce stands out as a global leader, managing seamless domestic and international parcel delivery. With a vast workforce and strategic specialists worldwide, DHL eCommerce tailors solutions for various clients, from local parcels to large-scale e-commerce enterprises. Certified eCommerce Specialists ensure excellence in service, making DHL eCommerce a reliable and adaptable choice for diverse shipping needs.

5. USPS (United States Postal Service)

USPS Connect eCommerce streamlines e-commerce shipping with accelerated agreements, discounted rates, and flexibility. Offering discounted pricing and dedicated account management, USPS ensures a competitive edge. Integration options through USPS APIs or popular providers like Shippo and Stamps.com guarantee seamless connectivity, providing future visibility on USPS.com for enhanced brand recognition.

6. Shippo

Shippo simplifies e-commerce shipping with its API and user-friendly web interface. Connecting seamlessly with major providers, Shippo optimizes shipping processes with discounted rates. A transparent fee structure, starting at $0.05 per shipping label, and waived charges with Shippo’s carrier accounts make it an affordable choice. Shippo’s focus on affordability and ease of use empowers e-commerce stores to offer competitive shipping options to customers.

7. Schneider Logistics

Schneider National pioneers a comprehensive e-commerce solution, managing transactions from order acceptance to billing. With real-time order processing, GPS-enabled trailer tracking, and electronic invoicing, Schneider enhances logistics efficiency. Transitioning services to browser-based applications ensures global accessibility, making Schneider a progressive force in reshaping logistics and expanding its e-commerce footprint.

8. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics leads e-commerce returns management automation, handling high-volume reverse logistics with mechanized sortation technology. Touchless scanner technology and automated sorting lines streamline inspection, damage identification, and retail return preparation. Prioritizing sustainability, XPO deploys an industrial baling press to reduce environmental impact. This innovative approach enhances logistics efficiency and contributes to a positive consumer experience in e-commerce.

9. JB Hunt Logistics

JB Hunt Logistics specializes in agile first-mile logistics, seamlessly incorporating LTL solutions for efficient e-commerce transport. Leveraging technology, JB Hunt’s transportation management system and Shipper 360 enhance visibility and optimize supply chains. Proactive automation expedites product journeys, ensuring prompt deliveries. JB Hunt’s commitment to tailored solutions and technological innovation solidifies its pivotal role in the evolving supply chain landscape.

10. ShipBob

ShipBob revolutionizes third-party fulfillment for e-commerce, excelling in warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping. Swift order processing, bulk shipping discounts, and a two-day shipping guarantee enhance customer satisfaction. With distributed inventory, proprietary technology, custom packaging, and world-class support, ShipBob empowers businesses to streamline operations and elevate their brand presence.

11. Kuehne Nagel

Kuehne Nagel offers tailor-made solutions for e-commerce logistics, focusing on last-mile strategies. Facilitating the digitization and growth of heavy freight logistics, Kuehne Nagel ensures convenient LTL shipping experiences. With KN OmniChain, it supports businesses in setting up and expanding online channels, ensuring reliable delivery promises. Kuehne Nagel’s commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction makes it a beacon in the realm of e-commerce logistics.

12. CH Robinson

C.H. Robinson specializes in retail logistics, optimizing end-to-end supply chains for dynamic consumer preferences. With a vast capacity pool, strategic locations, and industry-leading technology, C.H. Robinson ensures transparency, flexibility, and sustainable growth. From in-store experiences to restaurant supply chains and robust e-commerce solutions, C.H. Robinson’s retail experts deliver tailored strategies for efficiency and growth.

13. CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics excels as a dynamic e-commerce and omnichannel partner, offering end-to-end solutions for D2C, B2B, and B2C logistics. Recent enhancements, including acquisitions and technology integration, showcase its commitment to comprehensive e-commerce services. With global coverage, a secure IT platform, and market expertise, CEVA Logistics propels e-commerce businesses forward.

14. ShipStation

ShipStation stands as a premier shipping solution, offering savings of up to 89% off top carriers. With 180+ integration partners, ShipStation streamlines fulfillment for over 130,000 merchants. Seamless order import, efficient shipping management, and discounted postage printing contribute to its efficiency. The platform’s rate shopping feature ensures the lowest shipping rates, providing automation, tracking, and dedicated support for businesses of all sizes.

15. EasyShip

EasyShip is an all-in-one shipping management tool that ensures hassle-free shipping. With seamless store connectivity, orders sync across major e-commerce platforms. The robust API supports custom requirements, unlocking 250+ shipping solutions worldwide. Displaying real-time shipping rates at checkout prevents cart abandonment. EasyShip’s user-friendly dashboard and flexibility make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient and diverse shipping solutions.

Dropoff – Your Reliable eCommerce Shipping Partner

Dropoff is a force to reckon with in the logistics landscape, particularly excelling in micro to macro-scale e-commerce operations. 

With its extensive network of professional drivers, advanced technology, and commitment to reliability, Dropoff offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient and scalable shipping services. Its same-day and next-day delivery options, real-time tracking, and tailored solutions position Dropoff as a strategic partner for businesses navigating the demands of modern e-commerce.

While FedEx, UPS, and DHL are giants in the logistics industry, Dropoff stands out as the optimal choice for e-commerce businesses. Dropoff’s micro to macro-scale operations cater specifically to the diverse needs of online retailers. Unlike the traditional heavyweights, Dropoff’s agile and tech-driven approach ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and swift scalability for businesses of varying sizes. The personalized touch of micro-scale operations combined with the capabilities to seamlessly handle macro-scale logistics positions Dropoff as the superior choice for e-commerce entities seeking tailored and efficient shipping solutions.

Furthermore, Dropoff is ideal for startups because its agile and tech-forward approach seamlessly integrates with various 5PL solutions, offering a cutting-edge logistics ecosystem. Its scalable operations accommodate growth without compromise, while the platform’s commitment to innovation positions it as the preferred choice for those aiming to stay ahead in the dynamic world of online retail. Dropoff empowers businesses with the tools to create a robust, efficient, and customer-centric logistics operation.

Final Thought

Choosing the right e-commerce shipping company is a strategic decision that directly impacts customer satisfaction and overall business success. By understanding the signs that indicate the need for specialized shipping solutions and following a thoughtful selection process, businesses can thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Consider the unique features and capabilities of each mentioned company to find the perfect match for your specific shipping requirements.


Why is efficient e-commerce shipping crucial?

Efficient shipping directly impacts customer satisfaction, business success, and brand reputation in the fast-paced online retail world.

How can I determine if my business needs eCommerce shipping solutions?

Signs include increased shipping volume, customer demand for faster delivery, global expansion plans, company growth goals, and high shipping costs.

What factors should I consider when choosing an eCommerce shipping partner?

Consider your business size, shipping volume, target audience locations, service customization, and technology integration capabilities for a well-informed decision.

Why is Dropoff considered a reliable eCommerce shipping partner?

Dropoff offers same-day and next-day delivery options, real-time tracking, and tailored solutions, making it reliable for businesses navigating modern e-commerce demands.

How does Dropoff compare to FedEx, UPS, and DHL for eCommerce businesses?

Unlike traditional giants, Dropoff excels in micro to macro-scale operations, ensuring flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and swift scalability. Its personalized approach positions it as the optimal choice for efficient shipping services.

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