Dropoff Client Spotlight: Sugarbird Sweets of Los Angeles

A confection-filled journey began when Kei Okumura, founder of Sugarbird Sweets, traveled to Paris to study the art of making pastries at École Supérieure de Cuisine Française. After graduating, she stayed in Paris to continue her education at top Michelin restaurants before returning to her hometown of Los Angeles.

Once home, Kei continued her baking quest and set out to perfect delectable scones filled with exotic spices and seasonal fruits. She combined her existing organic teas, which she sold at local farmers’ markets, with her scone recipes and launched Sugarbird Sweets. As business started picking up, Kei found her products were selling out quickly with more orders coming in week-by-week. In her peak of growth, she started taking on catering orders.

With the influx of orders, Kei faced challenges with the delivery aspect of her booming business. She no longer had the bandwidth to make deliveries herself, but she also worried that outsourcing deliveries to another party could leave the fate of her delicate scones mishandled or damaged in transit.

Kei tried a number of delivery companies over the years, none of which upheld her high quality standards in line with her brand. Kei created Sugarbird Sweets as an experience-focused brand, rather than it being just about her products. And the deliveries are a critical part of the experience. Factors like carefully handling her products, clean and identifiable vehicles for transportation, and customer-service oriented drivers were critical to Kei. Whether her products are going to people’s homes, catering milestone events like baby showers or weddings, delivering that “wow” factor is essential from the start of one’s experience to the very end. Her delivery options seemed scarce until she came across Dropoff’s same-day delivery service.

Kei said, “We gave it a try and from the get go-go the service was amazing. The pricing is reasonable and the delivery drivers are really exceptional. I am never worried about my orders when they’re in Dropoff’s hands.”

Teaming up with a third-party logistics partner that specializes in last mile delivery can alleviate an enormous burden. Businesses can gain access to a large pool of drivers and vehicles without the extra costs, liabilities, and headaches of doing it on their own. And Dropoff has experience delivering for a variety of companies in the food & grocery industries.

We’re happy to be Sugarbird Sweets’ same-day delivery solution and look forward to helping Kei’s business expand. Contact us today to learn how Dropoff can help your business.

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