Dropoff’s CEO Joins the Austin Chamber of Commerce

We’re proud to announce that this week, Sean Spector (our fearless leader and CEO) was introduced as one of 12 new board of directors for the Austin Chamber of Commerce. The new board members will serve through December 31, 2019 to advise the organization’s leadership on how best to serve its 2,800 members.

Did you know that the Austin Chamber was recognized as “most credible organization on issues” by an Austin Voter Survey in 2015? It certainly has lived up to that title since. Their mission is to “provide leadership that facilitates the creation of a prosperous regional economy and effective advocacy for its Partners.” They help their members make informed decisions by analyzing the issues that affect Austin businesses most. From networking, to peer-to-peer discussions, to professional development opportunities and beyond, the Austin Chamber of Commerce helps propel the community forward.

Sean is proud to be part of the organization. In his words: “It’s an honor to serve the Austin community as an Austin Chamber of Commerce board member. As CEO of a company headquartered in Austin I see the direct impact the Chamber has on local businesses. It plays such an integral part in facilitating conversation throughout the community and I’m thrilled and privileged to be a part of it.”

See the full list of new board members and read the Austin Business Journal’s write-up here.

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