Driver Spotlight: Patrick Scafidi

This month we’re featuring one of our musical San Diego drivers, Patrick Scafidi. Keep reading to learn about why he loves driving for Dropoff so much and what his instrument of choice is.

Name: Patrick Scafidi

City Served: San Diego

Hometown: San Diego

What does a typical day of delivering look like for you? I start each day picking up orders from a local bakery, pharmacy, or another type of business, and load up my car. The dispatch team and I work together to determine the most efficient route so that we get all of the deliveries done on time. Everyday I get to discover new places around San Diego and meet friendly people from local businesses.

What do you love most about driving for Dropoff? I like being able to use my own car to make a living. Dropoff customers are always happy when we arrive to deliver their orders so quickly, which is very rewarding. I also really appreciate the support I get from the dispatcher – if there is ever an issue with a delivery or I can’t find an address, I can count on them to help get it resolved. 

What has been your favorite delivery? I once got to deliver a giant check from a local print shop. It was for $5,000 and about 7 feet long! A lot of people saw me carrying it and thought they had won a bunch of money. It was pretty funny. 

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? I enjoy playing guitar and making music in my free time. I also build guitar effect pedals and have a small business selling them online with a few of my friends.

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