Day in the Life of Dropoff Nashville

Our local Nashville delivery team completes hundreds of deliveries each week for clients all over Music City, from Brentwood to Madison, Hermitage to Pasquo, and everything in between. We service businesses in a variety of industries — food and grocery, retail, health care, commercial and industrial, and business services including the legal sector. As the only full service courier in Nashville that offers bicycle messengers for downtown rush legal filings, our team is able to move faster than anyone else (even the Jimmy John’s guys will vouch for us!).

Dropoff’s Nashville City Manager, Austin Bauman says, “Our drivers and Logistics Coordinators intimately understand the court filing process and the importance of deadlines. We pride ourselves in never missing a deadline.”

Throughout the day we deliver on behalf of our health care clients. We love being able to help patients out and recognize the responsibility that comes with delivering items that have such a huge impact on people’s’ lives. From medications to medical specimens to sensitive patient billing information, we understand the importance of these items. That’s why all of our drivers are HIPAA-compliant, uniformed, insured, and drive branded vehicles. They all have customer service experience so patients feel like their medications are in good hands throughout delivery. Our drivers work incredibly closely with our health care clients to ensure that they feel like Dropoff is an extension of their business.

Doing business in the “It City” is exciting, but on days when there are big events our job can be very challenging. Just try delivering cupcakes downtown when 100,000 people are attending CMA Fest! Last minute tickets to concerts, signed merchandise, or a neon cactus for a video shoot – yep, we’ve delivered all of it. We’ve even delivered a hat to a famous country music star.

Welcome to a day in the life of Nashville. From couriering legal documents downtown, to dropping off medication in East Nashville, to delivering cupcakes in The Gulch, there is never a shortage of excitement for Dropoff in Music City!

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