Day in the Life of Dropoff Miami

Starting at 6:00 am, we start making our rounds to both new and existing clients. From printing companies, to law firms, to medical supplies and beyond, mornings in Miami consist of a little bit of everything.

Our Miami City Manager, Maria de la Salas says, “Being a courier service in Miami always comes with its surprises. We have delivered to local celebrities’ houses a couple of times, have frequent runs to the American Airlines Arena, and are always delivering for our law and consulting firm clients. It doesn’t hurt that South Florida is full of events, conventions, and concerts and we get to see them all!”

With the continuous hustle and bustle comes its challenges. Maria says traffic in Miami is by far the biggest hurdle in completing deliveries without a hitch, but Maria and our team of drivers have gotten darn good at it.

When noon rolls around, our drivers are busy with lunch catering and bakery runs followed by deliveries for Freight Forwarders and our aviation clients, who do a lot of ASAP orders. Maria says, “The ability to choose from different levels of service is important for our clients. Whether they need something delivered on the double or are just looking to preschedule a Dropoff a week in advance, our clients appreciate the fact that we work with their schedule.”

Maria stays focused on growing the market and serving our clients. “They love having a same-day delivery partner that helps grow their business. The other day, I was talking with a client and he told me that he feels like the moment he needs a Dropoff driver they are by his side. I love being that helping hand our clients and their customers can always count on.”

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