Christian Carollo Talks Tech and Revenue Growth

According to CIO Dive’s Justine Brown, the role of a CIO is shifting from a focus on IT upkeep and money-saving tactics, to innovating their products in a way that contributes to revenue growth — and to do so using big data. CIOs are using a company’s data to shape significant parts of their business. CIO Dive recently caught up with Dropoff’s CTO, Christian Carollo, Talend’s Ashley Stirrup, and Postup’s Andrea Bridges-Smith, to discuss harnessing data from every department in a company and using it to drive growth.

Here are some highlights from the article:

“The days when a CIO focused strictly on keeping technology systems working and up to date are over. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, CIOs can often spend less time making sure systems work and more time focusing on IT strategies that benefit the entire company. Today, CIOs are also increasingly expected to innovate and contribute to a businesses’ revenue stream.”

‘As data has become more malleable, more prevalent and more accessible, there is now an opportunity to use it in products that can help drive growth for a company and it’s a great idea to move in this direction,’ said Christian Carollo, co-founder and CTO of Dropoff. ‘It’s about creating efficiencies and directionality for those people in the company tasked with moving the ops and sales forward.’

“A report released last month by Harvey Nash and KPMG found that more than half of CEOs say they are asking their CIOs to focus more on projects that create revenue and less on saving money. Of the 3,352 CIOs and tech leaders surveyed, 63% said making money was the priority, while only 37% said saving money was most important.”

Read the full article here.

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