Announcing National Partnership With SusieCakes + San Jose Launch

We’re thrilled to announce our new national partnership with SusieCakes, offering cake lovers across the country convenient and reliable same-day delivery. Today we’re also announcing the launch of our service in San Jose & the Peninsula area — where we’ll serve SusieCakes and many other local, regional and national businesses. This expansion brings our footprint to 18 markets nationwide.

Retailers agree that e-commerce is critical to their business, but taking digital orders and delivering them are two very different challenges. While a myriad of options exists for digital commerce solutions, few exist for the physical transportation and delivery of retail goods, and Dropoff is solving that vexing challenge one cake at a time.

Our success comes from ensuring our clients have a high-quality, professional delivery partner they can trust. With highly customizable service and API integration ability, they can stay in control of the customer experience and their data.

Previously only available as a pickup option, SusieCakes now offers bakery lovers convenient and reliable same-day delivery in San Jose and the Peninsula area. As part of the partnership announcement, cake lovers in San Jose, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston can enjoy 50% off home or office delivery by calling their  local SusieCakes locations and mentioning the promo code “HEART.” Participating stores include San Jose, Houston Rice Village, Fort Worth, Dallas Preston Center, and Plano.

“Our customers count on us to be there for the moments that matter. We know we can rely on Dropoff’s professional drivers to act as an extension of our brand, and their real-time tracking technology to keep us in the loop on every delivery,” said Susan Sarich, CEO of SusieCakes. “Dropoff helps us expand our business and enables cake lovers to satisfy their cravings with a fresh bakery treat delivered to their door in pristine condition.”

For more information on Dropoff services in San Jose and the Peninsula area, visit

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