A Closer Look at Consumer Expectations Around Retail Fulfillment

What matters most to consumers when it comes to fulfillment? Convenience, options, and keeping costs low. And with $443 billion in e-commerce sales forecasted for 2017, retailers are under pressure to give shoppers exactly what they want. But implementing these last mile options is easier said than done.

Temando recently released their 2017 U.S. State of Shipping in Commerce report that surveyed over 1,200 US shoppers and 270 U.S. retailers for a close look at what retailers need to know in order to increase sales, boost loyalty, and close the gap between what they offer and what their customers want when it comes to last mile shipping and fulfillment.

The survey shows that across a variety of fulfillment options, retailers are not meeting consumer expectations. 49% of shoppers are willing to pay an average of $18 for same-day delivery, but only 29% of retailers currently offer it. In that same vein, 38% of shoppers are willing to pay an average of $17 for hyper local delivery, (meaning delivery within a few hours or less), but only 24% of retailers offer it. Additionally, 34% of shoppers are willing to pay an average of $14 for weekend or after hours delivery, but only 25% of retailers offer it.

What’s more, there are major benefits to offering more last mile shipping options — increased sales, improved customer experience, decreased carrier costs, and reduced shopping cart abandonment. The survey shows that shoppers who have a positive shipping experience are 73% more likely to shop with that retailer again.

And beyond just when items are delivered, consumers want more transparency into the status of their deliveries as well. 78% of consumers want email updates during delivery, but only 31% of retailers already offer them.

While consumers desire fast shipping and convenience, some retailers are hesitant about adding more fulfillment options due to carrier-related concerns. 51% of retailers worry about their carrier increasing rates, 50% worry about their carrier’s customer service, and 40% worry about the tracking visibility their carrier provides for their customers.

But in a recent survey by Dropoff In February 2018 found 74% of consumers said that after receiving same-day delivery, they were more likely to purchase from that retailer again. It’s a fact. Consumers want faster delivery and retailers need to adapt in order to stay competitive.

Dropoff has a solution. We offer retailers a dependable, customer service-focused same-day delivery solution that will delight your customers, increase loyalty and reduce shopping cart abandonment. With Dropoff, your customers interact directly with your site, so you retain your customer data and branded experience. Our feature-rich API easily connects to your e-commerce site or warehouse management system so that your customers can choose same-day delivery in a time frame that works best for them.

Once an order is on its way, both you and your customers will receive real-time tracking and up-to-the-minute ETAs for transparency and peace of mind.

Dropoff drivers are background-checked, insured, and wear uniforms. They all have customer service experience so you can expect professionalism and friendliness from every member of our team. Additionally, Dropoff’s customer service team is available whenever you may need them to answer any and all of you and your customers’ questions. With Dropoff, you’ll never feel left in the dark.  

Contact Dropoff today to learn more about how we can partner with you to offer customers a convenient and reliable same-day delivery solution.

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