3 Surprising Things We Learned From Our Client Survey Results

Businesses around the world strive to provide a knock-your-socks off experience to their customers, and Dropoff is no different. Like many, we’re always interested to hear how we’re doing straight from the source, so we ask our clients to rate us in a bi-yearly satisfaction survey.

We’re proud to report that the survey respondents gave us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78 – 4 points higher than our score from this year’s previous survey.

NPS is a widely used business metric that gauges both customer experience and potential for growth. It’s a simple, one-question tool used to measure customer loyalty: “How likely are you to refer Dropoff to a friend or colleague?” Typically, as a company gets larger, the NPS score decreases.

So what does our score of 78 mean? First, it indicates that we are providing a stellar client  experience. Second, it shows that as we’ve grown, we’ve not only maintained our NPS score, but improved it. And third, it’s leaps and bounds above the industry benchmark NPS score for logistics companies, which is 56. We’re thrilled and honored to have such a high NPS score.

We also learned many things from the survey. Here are 3 interesting insights from the results we analyzed:

Insight #1: Same-day delivery is a growing trend, and our clients are at the forefront.

When asked what same-day delivery service our respondents used prior to Dropoff, over half reported that they either didn’t have a need or used internal resources for same-day delivery.

Expectations for same-day delivery are increasing, and our customers are part of the growing trend to meet those expectations. So this is really a new need for them, and one that some of them have tried to meet internally – until they see just how expensive and risky it is to have staff make deliveries, or maintain their own fleet. That’s why customers are turning to Dropoff.

Insight #2: Evaluating same-day delivery service is complicated.

64 percent of respondents contacted between 1 and 4 same-day delivery service providers before choosing Dropoff.

Imagine that you are a prospective client in need of same-day delivery services. You decide to check out 3 different providers by going to their websites, talking to their sales teams, gathering all the inputs, and then creating a spreadsheet to compare them. That’s a ton of work!

If potential clients are contacting numerous providers, choosing a same-day delivery service vendor is not as simple as it may seem. Sometimes clients try out multiple same-day delivery services to see which one is the best fit. Our survey data shows that in many cases, the first try fails: 40 percent of respondents used another same-day delivery service prior to Dropoff.

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Insight #3: Dropoff clients stick to the web interface to place orders instead of using our mobile app.

According to the survey, a staggering 66 percent of respondents haven’t used our mobile app. This seems almost impossible considering the explosive growth of mobile apps in the last year, with time spent in apps up by 69 percent.

But there is a bright side: of the people who have tried our app, 90% rated the experience “Exceptional” or “Good.” Which makes sense, as our mobile app offers much of the same functionality as our web interface – including the ability to place orders, live-map track orders, view signature verifications and leave delivery ratings – with the added convenience of being able to do it all on the go!

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We’re excited that Dropoff clients are satisfied – but there’s always room for improvement.

Some companies might rest on their laurels after receiving such stellar results. At Dropoff, we know we can always learn from customers – and do better for them.

What more can we do to repeatedly demonstrate reliability? How can we assist customers in the decision to choose a same-day delivery service provider? And what can we do to drive awareness and usage of our mobile app? Answering these questions will help us to continue to offer a superior client experience.

What can we do to improve your Dropoff experience? Tell us in the comments.

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