Why Consumers Are Getting Food & Groceries Delivered

According to a 2017 study by the Food Marketing Institute and Neilsen, almost a quarter of American households are buying their groceries online. The grocery delivery industry is also projected to grow fivefold and gross more than $100 billion in profits by 2025. There are many reasons for this service’s bursting popularity, but a single thread ties them all together: it simply makes life easier.

Why is food and grocery delivery so popular?

Grocery shopping is one of the most vital household chores that’s also the most challenging to schedule. Here are 6 reasons why fast, convenient, and reliable on-demand delivery services for food and groceries are on the rise.

1. Everyone’s busy. When schedules are tight and many people are working overtime, it can be challenging to find the time to go to the grocery store between school, work, meals, and other obligations. Food delivery keeps an otherwise bare refrigerator full.

2. Convenience. Grocery shopping is an errand that requires careful planning since temperature sensitive groceries can’t be left in the car for too long. However, when groceries are delivered in climate-controlled vehicles that keep food products in pristine condition, grocery shopping becomes easy to fit in your life.

3. Productivity. Catered lunch boxes or services that re-stock office kitchens help companies focus on more important tasks instead of sending out employees to buy food.

4. It’s expected. With a growing number of companies offering fast and reliable delivery for food and groceries like Prime Now, Whole Foods Concierge, Blue Apron, Plated, Hmart, and more, grocery delivery has become expected. To stay competitive, you need to offer it too.

5. For people who can’t shop. Many pregnant women and the elderly with mobility and health issues are advised not to – or can’t – lift heavy objects. They can also risk their health by overexerting themselves. These individuals can maintain their independence by using grocery delivery services.

6. For those who find it difficult to go grocery shopping. Parents of newborns and young ones also love the ease and speed of grocery delivery. It’s easier to stick to the grocery list (and save money) when your kids aren’t asking for extra groceries at the store. You also don’t have to plan grocery trips around naps or school pick-up times.

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Give your consumers a top-notch experience with every delivery.

As competition from multiple services presses other businesses to continue to raise the bar, consumers are always expecting more from their grocery delivery service. Dropoff’s  temperature-controlled vehicles, real-time tracking, and delivery confirmations promise a stellar consumer experience all-around.

In our recent Febraury 2018 study that we conducted, 74% of our respondents said they were more likely to purchase from a retailer again after receiving their products on the same day they ordered them. Keep up with consumer demand and the current market trends by partnering with a dependable same-day delivery service provider like Dropoff. To find out more about how we can streamline your grocery delivery needs and get products delivered quickly and safely to your consumers, contact us.

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