What’s Causing Your Customers To Abandon Their Purchases?

The bane of any retailer is shopping cart abandonment – when consumers add items to their online carts, but never complete their purchase. And although consumers rarely add to their online shopping carts unless they are at least somewhat interested in purchasing the item(s), a variety of potential issues could lead to cart abandonment. From price and shipping, to payment options and convenience, a lot is at play during the checkout process.

An article by Performance IN explains what factor shipping has in cart abandonment: 

Delivery is another common cause of cart abandonment, and while cost will no doubt factor in, there are a lot of other possibilities for online retailers to consider. The reputation of your courier, for instance, plays a massive role in the decision-making process. A site can promise free next day delivery all it likes, but if customers are convinced that a particular courier service is prone to delays, or are likely to damage or lose parcels, they are unlikely to complete the transaction.

The time it takes for a delivery to arrive is another point of consideration. Some buyers will be happy to wait over a week if it means making a saving, whereas others would rather pay a little extra for same day or next day delivery. In any case, cart abandonment rates have been shown to increase when customers are not offered several shipping options to choose from and rise further still if the estimated delivery date range is unreasonably wide or ambiguous.”

Dropoff works with hundreds of retailers to help them reduce cart abandonment, increase customer loyalty and help grow their businesses. Our feature-rich API connects to your e-commerce site or POS system to offer your customers a flexible, convenient and reliable same-day delivery option.

Many factors can potentially prevent successful shopping cart checkout. Don’t let the lack of a fast shipping option be one of them. Contact Dropoff today to learn more about how same-day delivery can help your retail business. 

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