8 Ways to Advertise Your Logistics Company for Sale

8 Ways to Advertise Your Logistics Company for Sale

If you’re looking to sell your logistics company, advertising might be the most important part. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the eight best ways to advertise your logistics company for sale.

The Growing Last-Mile Delivery Industry

The last-mile delivery market is a fast-growing industry that provides logistics solutions for businesses. It’s expected to increase by USD 143.75 billion from 2021 to 2026, according to a recent market study by Technavio. The competition is definitely fierce, but the market is still relatively young, and there is room for new players. 

Some current trends in the market include environmental sustainability and using innovative transportation methods such as electric vehicles.

The Challenges of a Highly Competitive Last-Mile Courier Market

The challenges of a crowded market

It’s no surprise that the last-mile courier market is super competitive. Big players like UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and Walmart run their own delivery services, and they’re constantly trying to one-up each other on price and service.

This puts a lot of pressure on smaller companies to keep up. Why? Because bigger companies have the resources to react quickly to sudden shifts in customer demand — smaller companies don’t.

It’s a constant race to invest in the most-cutting technology and most can’t keep up with the leaders in the industry, why not consider selling the business?

8 Ways to Advertise Your Logistics Company for Sale

How to advertise your logistics business for sale

Most business owners probably don’t know that an acquisition can provide much-needed stability for a small company.

Here are eight ways to advertise your logistics company for sale:

  1. Business for sale listings
  2. Personal network
  3. Logistics and courier associations
  4. Mergers and acquisitions agencies
  5. Industry-led events and conferences
  6. Collaboration with industry-based media outlets
  7. Venture capital funds
  8. Directly reaching out to companies

Let’s dive deeper into these.

1. Business for Sale Listings

Online resources are a great way to reach potential buyers. When you list your logistics business for sale, include key information such as your company’s size, revenue, and growth potential. Don’t also forget to include your contact information!

Websites to list your logistics company for sale:

2. Personal Network in the Industry

Another way to advertise your logistics company for sale is by simply using your network. Let your connections know that you’re looking to sell and see if they are interested or know someone who is.

You can go through your contacts or post a notice on relevant online forums and message boards. Also, try reaching out to industry publications and list your company for sale in their classifieds section.

3. Logistics and Courier Associations


Have you heard of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA)? The CLDA is a non-profit trade association that promotes the growth of the logistics industry. It advocates for the industry, networks with businesses, and educates people about logistics. And it most certainly is an ideal way to find a potential buyer.

Needless to say, it’s the best platform for advertising your logistics business for sale. Plus, you’ll have access to their big network of logistics and courier companies. They also offer educational programs and events to help better prepare you for a successful sale.

Other logistics and courier associations:

4. Mergers and Acquisitions Agencies

M&A (mergers and acquisitions) agencies and brokers are the experts in match-making between buyers and sellers. So they will definitely help you find a buyer who’s a good fit for your logistics company.

Not only will they get your company’s information to a larger audience, but they will help negotiate a better price for your company.

5. Industry-Led Events and Conferences

It’s possible to successfully advertise your third-party logistics company for sale at industry-led events. This goes without saying, but have a strong presence at the event. Set up your booth or table where anyone can stop by and learn more about your company.

Marketing materials also come in handy – like flyers and business cards! Also, if you don’t have a good network of people in the industry, there is no better place to start. Feel free to follow up with potential buyers after the event; email or call them to thank them for their interest and stay in touch.

Check out our top picks for last-mile delivery companies and startups.

6. Collaboration with Industry-Based Media Outlets

Another way is to collaborate with logistics industry-based media outlets so they can promote through their network. They’ll help by placing ads in relevant media, such as trade magazines or websites.

Plus, featuring your company in industry-based media will help to create a sense of trust and credibility around your business. Buyers are more likely to be interested in a company that’s been endorsed by a legitimate source.

7. Venture Capital Funds

Consider using venture capital funds that invest mainly in logistics businesses. It’s good to align yourself with these types of investors because you’ll be able to tap into their networks and resources.

Not to mention, these investors are familiar with the logistics industry and will provide valuable insight into how to position your company for sale. Put together a strong pitch deck that outlines your company’s unique value proposition and why it would be an attractive acquisition target.

8. Directly Reaching Out to Companies

Try reaching out directly to companies that might be interested in acquiring your business.

When it comes to large logistics companies for sale, your best bet is to contact the M&A department of potential buyers. For smaller logistics companies, reaching out to the management team is often more effective.

Be clear about your asking price and any terms or conditions attached to the sale. Don’t forget to provide detailed information about your business, including financials, customer list, and infrastructure.

Either way, do your research and make sure you’re contacting the right people within the company.

Successful Acquisitions: The Dropoff Way

Successful acquisitions "the Dropoff way"

“The biggest tip I’d give to small courier businesses looking to successfully advertise their company is to make sure the business is in order — corporate documents, accurate financials for the past 3 years, sales by customer, legal summary, etc. It would also be best to ensure the owner(s) are emotionally prepared to exit the business.”

Jason Burns, Director of Corporate Development at Dropoff & President of the CLDA

Dropoff has a proven track record of successfully acquiring smaller courier companies. And we have the infrastructure in place to support your business and ensure a smooth transition.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your customers continue to receive the high level of service they are accustomed to. In addition, we offer competitive rates and a variety of features that will benefit your business.

Read about how Dropoff acquired Rightaway Delivery after 23 years of success in Michigan.

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