The Best Food and Grocery Conferences to Attend in 2018

Change is a constant when it comes to the food and grocery space. Consumers are increasingly expecting more from where they shop, what they buy, and how they consume.

Whether you’re new to the space or experienced in all aspects of food and grocery, it’s important to keep in mind the value of attending conferences. There are several across the U.S. that offer insight in technology developments, core channel strategies, and initiatives that can help you get ahead.

Here’s a list of the best food and grocery conferences to attend in 2018:


The National Grocers Association Show (February 11-14, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV) Independent retailers and wholesalers, food retail industry executives, food/CPG manufacturers, and service providers come together to learn, engage, share, network, and innovate.


Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference and Expo (April 8-11, 2018 in Bonita Springs, FL) Food and beverage professionals explore a variety of topics about the industry, including trends and technologies in manufacturing, automation, sustainability, and food safety.


TRUNO Conference (May 1, 2018 in San Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX) This conference discusses the importance of data and how it can be used in decision making about store operations and how it will drive the future of retail technology.


Smart Food Expo (June 25-27, 2018 in Chicago, IL) Discover how your company can succeed when fresh, healthy, and better-for-you products align with technologies and advancements in a streamlined global supply chain.


Digital Food and Beverage (July 17, 2018 in Chicago, IL) More than 200 digital marketing and e-commerce innovators from retailers, food delivery services, and brands will come together to discuss key strategies in the food and beverage industries.


Albertsons Safeway Virtual Event (August 8, 2018 online) Get insights into how Albertsons is finding a way to grow in core markets. Learn about Albertsons’ strategies and what they’re investing in to capitalize on new growth and make changes to succeed as a retailer.


22nd America’s Food and Beverage Show & Conference  (October 1-2, 2018 in Miami, FL) The goal of this event is to help companies discover new markets, new products, ideas, and innovations in the food and beverage space.

Ahold Delhaize Workshop (October 2, 2018 in Harrisburg, PA) Attend a lively discussion on the future of the U.S. supermarket industry, including implications and opportunities.

Target Workshop (October 17, 2018 in Minneapolis, MN) This workshop is a guide to help you align with Target’s vision and drive long-term growth. Pinpoint best practices and opportunities for proactive growth by learning about Target’s key tactics and approaches.

Online & Digital Grocery Summit USA (October 18, 2018 in Chicago, IL) This conference will bring together the leading retailers and CPG brands to understand the key actions needed to optimize your brand’s e-commerce strategies and increase online sales.

Independent Impact Summit at Fall Leadership Meetings (October 24-26 in Washington, D.C.) Join other thought leaders in the independent supermarket industry. Participate in meetings and discuss emerging issues in the industry.

Groceryshop (October 28-31, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV) This conference covers the evolution of grocery retailers, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, club/warehouse stores, discount stores, and e-commerce. In addition, it covers the shifts in how consumers discover, shop, and buy through new technologies, trends, and business models.

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