9 Signs That You Need a New Medical Courier Service

A Dropoff medical courier wheeling medical packages into a vehicle

People want services that are fast and easy to use, just like the apps on their phones. They want these services to be available to them whenever they need them. Medical courier services are especially important because their speed and quality can save lives.

More and more people in the healthcare world want their medical supplies and prescriptions delivered to them as soon as possible. In a study we conducted, 50% of respondents said they prefer to receive these items the same day.

Their reasons include mobility issues. For example, patients recovering from surgeries have limited mobility and find it difficult to personally pick up their prescriptions or medical supplies. Another reason is time constraints. Patients suffering from chronic conditions like hypertension or asthma cannot afford to wait multiple days for delivery. And the list goes on.

Here are 9 signs that you need a new medical courier service.

1. Lack of Established Industry Experience

It is essential to work with a knowledgeable last-mile partner when it comes to the healthcare industry. Drivers should be prepared for and experienced in delivering medical and surgical supplies, prescription drugs, home infusions, specimen samples, X-rays, medical records and paperwork, and medical equipment and devices.

All of the above needs to be handled with care. This might mean using temperature-controlled packaging or a large delivery vehicle.

For instance, when shipping medical specimens like blood, your medical courier should possess the expertise to handle the shipment with care.

Lack of established industry experience can lead to delays in delivery, lost or damaged shipments, and even potentially dangerous errors. If you are shipping anything of value, it is essential to choose a company with a proven track record in the healthcare industry.

2. Poor Customer Service

This is one of the top logistics KPIs to track in same-day delivery services. Basically, it plays a role in determining how well logistics is performing.

It’s critical for couriers to ensure you’re aware of the status of your deliveries at all times. If any issues arise, drivers should get in touch right away. When handling time-sensitive and mission-critical items, having an open line of communication is essential in the healthcare space.

Better than that, working with a courier that offers real-time tracking gives you and your customers visibility without having to pick up the phone to get a status update.

Overall, poor customer service in healthcare logistics can have a ripple effect throughout the entire organization. When patients receive poor service, they may be less likely to return for follow-up appointments or to recommend the facility to others.

Good customer service, on the other hand, can help build patient loyalty and encourage positive word-of-mouth. There are a few key areas where healthcare logistics providers often fall short when it comes to customer service.

Patients should be kept up-to-date on their order status and should feel like their questions are being answered in a timely and professional manner.

3. Standard Vehicle Conditions

4 different delivery vehicles with Dropoff branding

It is very important that when a doctor or pharmacist packs medication, it arrives in the same condition as it was meant to. If the vehicle that is used to transport the medication is not climate-controlled, or if the medication is not handled carefully, it could make people sick or even kill them.

It is important that the vehicles which transport medication are clearly branded so that your customers can be at ease and know exactly where their medication is coming from.

A medical courier should have insulated bags with them at all times. This is because the temperature-sensitive medication must be protected. It is important to handle medication with care, and fragile containers should be transported in a way that preserves their integrity.

If the temperature changes a lot while your medication is in transit, it can be dangerous. For example, if it’s very hot outside, the medication might not stay cold enough. If this happens, people might end up in the hospital.

Further, climate and temperature control of medications is essential for medicine shipping and delivery.

4. Unvetted Drivers

Professional, uniformed, and background-checked drivers are key factors to look for. When handling medical-related deliveries, you want to be sure they’re in the right hands and delivered professionally by a uniformed driver in a branded car.

5. Non-HIPAA-Compliant Drivers

A HIPAA Compliant Dropoff medical courier picking up medical supplies.

It’s critical to ensure the drivers are HIPAA-compliant and meet regulatory standards. Speed, quality, and security are all important when it comes to healthcare delivery. And your customers deserve nothing less.

With the internet and social media making it easier for customers to share their experiences, just one bad customer experience can be really harmful to your brand. The worst part is that customers will blame you even if the fault lies with your courier partner.

If you are a healthcare business that provides delivery services to your patients, it is important to ask if your delivery partners are helping you look good. This means that they are providing a good service that represents your company well.

If the answer is no, it’s perhaps time to re-evaluate your delivery options and consider taking a look at what Dropoff can offer.

Kirk Hall, a Shipping Clerk at Avella Specialty Pharmacy, is a strong advocate for such partnerships.

“I can say with confidence our experience with Dropoff has been incredible! The courier service we use becomes the face of our company and represents the level of commitment we make to our patients and providers. With uniformed, professional drivers, clearly marked vehicles, and thorough, efficient service, Dropoff represents Avella as we would represent ourselves.”

Kirk Hall, Shipping Clerk at Avella Specialty Pharmacy

He says that “the nature of our business and the entities we work with require us to keep track of every stage of our business. Dropoff provides the ability to track our shipments in real-time and offers access to signature images and all delivery details. This way, we can be sure that we are accountable for all local transactions.”

Learn more about staying HIPAA compliant when shipping with medical couriers.

6. Late or Inconsistent Deliveries

A Dropoff medical courier delivering packages on time.

Delays in getting medical supplies from couriers are a big problem. There are lots of things that can go wrong and cause delays.

Healthcare providers have to balance providing good care with the speed and service that patients need. However, if patients have to wait for care or feel confused at any point, they may not think the quality of care is as good.

Check out our more in-depth guide on how important the role of speed is in patient care.

7. Inefficient Payment Process

Collecting payments is very important to the customer experience. This is when they decide if your product is worth buying or not.

This payment can be for a one-time purchase or for a recurring payment. It’s a way for the customer to think about whether they are getting value from your business relationship.

The customer can either agree to continue and remain loyal or terminate the relationship. It is critically important that once a buying decision is made, the payment process is as easy, seamless, and secure as possible.

Many organizations do not recognize how important payment processes are when designing the customer experience. This can cause them to lose customers and money.

Moreover, making payments is a very important part of the customer journey. This is when customers decide if the effort needed to make a payment is worth it. If it’s too difficult, they might go to a competitor’s website.

8. Lack of Great Recommendations

If you are a medical professional, ask the lab if they have worked with your courier. Ask medical office managers if they would recommend the courier. If they say yes, that is a good sign.

If you need to have your medicines delivered, look for reviews and testimonials on the courier website. Look on Yelp for reviews. You can also call the service and ask for a consultation or interview. Before you choose a transportation company for your medical products, ask them questions about their experience in this field.

You should also ask about their delivery process to ensure that your products will be delivered on time and without any issues.

With Dropoff’s medical courier services, you can rest assured your medical specimens are being handled safely.

9. Inefficient Tracking Systems

A map tracking a Dropoff medical courier making deliveries

When patients require medications fast, they want to know when their product will be delivered, how safe the delivery process will be, and when it will arrive.

Order tracking allows customers to know what is happening with their orders. They can see where it is in the processing and shipping stages. Customers expect to be communicated with if there are any delays in the delivery process. They also want to be notified when their package arrives.

A good order tracking experience allows customers to choose the delivery time that works for them. They can also stay in touch with customer service during the process.

Live or smart tracking is one of the must-have features in last-mile delivery solutions.

Bottom Line

A chart that compares Dropoff's medical courier service to that of traditional couriers.

Once you have established that the current medical courier you are partnered with isn’t the right fit, it’s time to choose the right medical courier.

Dropoff has extensive experience and works with a wide range of healthcare companies on a variety of medical deliveries. Our real-time tracking and signature verifications ensure businesses and their customers are receiving the fastest, safest, and most reliable delivery experience.

Talk with a Dropoff expert to learn more about our custom logistics solutions.

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